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Tablets & Capsules Solid Dosage SourceBook June 2015 121 TruTag Technologies, Inc. Corporate Description TruTag Technologies provides a proprietary on-dose authentication solution for solid oral dosage drug products. Using the company's award-winning micro-technology, TruTag codes high-purity silicon dioxide (Si0 2) microtags, which can be applied into a variety of standard film coatings or as its own security coating, and serve as covert, edible bar codes to identify individual products. This solution helps to prevent counterfeiting, detect product diversion and monitor quality control issues among other values. TruTag ® microtags follow the FDA's "PCID" guidance entitled "Incorporation of Physical-Chemical Identifiers into Solid Oral Dosage Form Drug Products for Anticounterfeiting," which sets forth the simple regulatory requirements for markers and taggants utilizing GRAS and IIG-listed materials like silicon dioxide. Markets Served Solid oral dosage drug product authentication and security Facilities TruTag's manufacturing and advanced research facility is located in Kapolei, Hawaii (just outside of Honolulu), and its engineering center is located in California's Silicon Valley. These sites support the growing global demand for advanced product security solutions. Technical Services The microtag application process is customized to the specific demands of a manufacturer's product and manufacturing specifications to maximize operational efficiency, cost- appropriateness, and reliability. Product security, manufacturing or quality teams can be trained to use the proprietary detectors in the field or lab, or tagged product can be retrieved from field and returned to TruTag for confirmation. Major Products or Services The TruTag ® on-dose authentication system allows a brand owner to mark the drug product itself (not dependent upon packaging) with a unique, covert, serialized code, chosen from a vast library. That unique code can be associated with a wide variety of product data, such as product dosage, lot number, manufacturing site, and even authorized country of sale. TruTags ® are added to a tablet coating mix and applied to via industry standard pan coaters. The coded microtags are then interrogated and verified using TruTag's proprietary detecting device. When the detector locates a product code and receives a match from the database, relevant product intelligence is revealed to confirm that the item in question is authentic and matches the context- specific requirements. This allows manufacturers to have the ultimate audit tool for returns processing, diversion detection, quality control, and to combat fake products encountered in the market. TruTag covert "edible bar codes" TruTag Technologies, Inc. 2045 Lauwiliwili Street, Unit 301 Kapolei, Hawaii 96707 Tel: 808 TRU TAGS (878 8247) FAX: 808 380 2223 Email: Website:

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