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12 June 2015 Tablets & Capsules Solid Dosage SourceBook Ackley Machine Corp. Corporate Description Ackley designs, engineers, machines and assembles innovative, customized pixel precise positioning systems for printing, laser drilling and vision inspection of tablets, capsules and softgel tablets in single and multi-lane production. Systems are FDA compliant and follow stringent guidelines for cGMP. Markets Served Ackley has successfully installed over 1000 systems at pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food supplement and confectionary companies throughout the world where it also provides on-site technical support when needed. Major Solutions Printing Systems Ackley print systems clearly brand product distinguishing it from those of competitors and counterfeiters. With pending serialization and track and trace regulations looming, such clear identification is a real advantage. Ackley develops printing solutions of logos, letters and/or numbers for one or both sides of tablets and capsules in single or multi-colors. Laser Drilling Systems Ackley laser drilling systems are available for single and multi-lane operations and offer single tablet rejection. These fully customized systems feature light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation along with color recognition systems for accurate aperture placement. Vision Systems Ackley's state-of-the art vision systems offer 100% inspection of printed logos and laser-drilled apertures in all Ackley single and multi-lane systems. They feature a vacuum drum pick-off that guarantees single tablet rejection, optimizing production output up to 400,000 tablets or caplets an hour. Ackley Machine Corporation 1273 N. Church St. Moorestown, NJ 08057 Tel: 856-234-3626 FAX: 856-234-8657 Email: Website: Products VIP System Designed to work with film or sugar coated tablets and caplets and hard or soft shell gelatin capsules with one or two color, linear or radial, and one- or two-sided printing. Laser drilling single or bi-layer tablets with single or multiple apertures and vision inspection with single tablet rejection available. Ideal for R&D and small batch manufacturing. Adjustable Angle Ramp Systems A production workhorse, allowing multi-lane printing and laser drilling. Also available with visual logo inspection and single tablet rejection at throughputs up to 400,000 tablets or capsules per hour. Servo-Drive Drum Systems Unique design features ensuring a high rate of product pick-up, excellent print registration, and a maximum print surface for larger logos with perfect print quality enable the most accurate print registration available today in the production of film- or sugar-coated tablets, caplet and oval-shaped products, and hard-shell gelatin capsules.

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