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38 June 2015 Tablets & Capsules Solid Dosage SourceBook Driam USA, Inc. Corporate Description DRIAM is a global leader in the design and manufacture of coating systems for various solid dose applications. For the coating of tablets, capsules, softgels and pellets we offer a wide range of batch and continuous film coating solutions. DRIAM is supporting the industries through a worldwide sales and service network. It handles projects form R&D scale coaters to high volume production scale units. The activities are coordinated from the headquarters in Germany and from DRIAM USA located in Spartanburg, SC. Providing turnkey coating solutions is the core business and with this focus DRIAM has become one of the best known experts in the industry. DRIAM has extensive in-house lab testing services used to ensure our technology suits all your needs and surpassed all your expectations. Our solutions satisfy all International ISO Quality Standards, GMP, cGMP and CE standards. Markets Served DRIAM provides coating solutions for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, confectionery, and chemical industries. We have a strong global presence with installations in most countries across the globe. DRIAM prides itself on turnkey solutions with a strong emphasis on post-sale support. Our technical team is available to provide on-site service on short notice. Major Products and Services DRIACOATER - Batch Coaters from R&D to Large Capacity The DRIACOATER is the most efficient batch fed machine in the market. The process air is guided in a most controlled manner through the entire product bed and is treating all tablets evenly. This perforated coating system utilizes this technology to achieve superior coating quality and operating efficiencies to all available batch sizes. DRIACOATERs are widely used for R&D applications to full scale solid dose production. DRIAM USA, Inc. 181 Access Road. Spartanburg, SC 29303 Tel: 864 579 7850 FAX: 864 579 7852 Email: Website: DRIACONTI-T pharma - Continuous Coaters The DRIACONTI-T pharma film coater is used for continuous coating applications. The coater is available in both R&D and production scale. This system offers unprecedented flexibility and highly uniform coating quality. One major benefit of the DRIACONTI-T is that the process as well as the product flow is under complete control using the 'mini batch technology'. DRIAM's Customized Coating Solutions DRIAM provides specialized turnkey coating for the production of pellets, pharmaceutical excipients and other specialty products. Our coating systems are built to meet your special production requirements. All support equipment with regards to material handling and utilities are integrated into the complete robust system. DRIAM's Lab Services & Training DRIAM has a fully operational lab complete with a wide array of coating systems that consists of batch and continuous coating systems. The lab has R&D and full production scale coaters. We offer coating seminars, maintenance training, contract manufacturing services and work together with the client to optimize process and evaluate production capabilities. DRIACONTI-T pharma Production Scale Continuous Film Coater

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