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52 June 2015 Tablets & Capsules Solid Dosage SourceBook R.W. Hartnett Co. Who We Are R.W. Hartnett Co. has focused its talents and energy on developing Printing Equipment for product identification to serve the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Confectionery industries, since the early 1940's. Each machine is carefully engineered and manufactured by the best craftsman to ensure quality. All machines are made to order in the United States and delivered around the world. With our global sales force and international presence, we can supply the best solution for your printing needs. R.W.Hartnett Co. 2055 Bennett Road Philadelphia, PA 19116 Tel: 215 969 9190 FAX: 215 969 9030 Email: Website: Products and Services R.W. Hartnett has pioneered innovative trademarking solutions, including: • Single surface, dual surface, and circular surface ("spin") printing • Single, dual, and multi-track machines to meet a wide range of processing needs • Ink viscosity management for increased print clarity • Use of servomotors for precision imprint location • Laser drilling of tablet apertures for osmotic drug delivery • Laser marking of trademarks on softgels and capsules • Flood feeding systems to maximize processing speeds • Adjustable feed hoppers for optimum product infeed delivery • 100% vision inspection systems for assurance of print/mark quality • Rapid changeover tooling sets First in Design Leaders in Innovation Over 130 years of fine craftsmanship. Family owned for five generations. Become a member of the R.W. Hartnett family. Contact us today, and let's design your solution together. When exceptional printing is all that's acceptable, R.W. Hartnett has the equipment for you!

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