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56 June 2015 Tablets & Capsules Solid Dosage SourceBook Index Encapsulation Equipment, LLC Company Description Index Encapsulation Equipment, LLC is an American manufacturer of safe, reliable and durable automatic capsule filling equipment. With a focus on customer service, Index provides encapsulation solutions to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing companies. Index also supports and remanufactures Bosch Capsule Fillers. Products Capsule Fillers Index Capsule Fillers are ideal for filling pharmaceutical and nutraceutical powders, pellets, and tablets into two-piece, gelatin-based or vegetable-based capsules. When filling powder, Index Capsule Fillers use a Dosing Disc and Tamping Pins to form a slug, which ensures consistent weights and high yields. Index offers 4 models of capsule fillers with production rate of 40,000cph, 90,00cph, 120,000cph, and 150,000cph. All Index Capsule Fillers are Made in America. Control Systems Index offers two types of Control Systems. The I-1000 Control System is PLC-free and uses push buttons and alarm lights for operation. On the I-1000 Control System, air pressure timing, motor speed, and vacuum adjustments are made manually. The I-3000 Control System includes an 11.5" Touch Screen with an integrated PLC which allows for faster and easier adjustments, a detailed alarm screen, and password protected user modes. Both of the Control Systems use radio frequency door interlocks, multiple E-Stops, and require all doors to be closed for jog and operation modes to ensure Operator safety. Capsule Polishers Index offers 3 types of Capsule Polishers with production rates up to 400,000cph. Capsules are cleaned with a nylon brush that sits inside a tube, as well as vacuum and air pressure. All Index Polishers are easy to clean, have adjustable speed, height and angle, and include an Empty Capsule Eliminator to remove empty capsules. Tooling Index manufactures Capsule Filling Tooling with superior finishes and precise tolerances for most tamping style capsule fillers, including Bosch (GKF2000, GKF1500, GKF700, GKF 330/400), DMW (1500, 2000), and AW Bohanan (1500). Index Encapsulation Equipment, LLC 364 Valley Rd., Unit 100 Warrington, PA 18976 Tel: 267-387-3000 FAX: 267-387-3001 Email: Website: Services Index's Service Technicians have over 50 years of experience building, remanufacturing and trouble shooting tamping style capsule fillers. Index provides Service Visits to assist with training, inspection, repairs, trouble- shooting and new and rebuilt equipment start-ups. Dosing Disc Storage Case K120i Capsule Filler I-200-ECE Capsule Polisher

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