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96 June 2015 Tablets & Capsules Solid Dosage SourceBook Qualicaps Corporate Description Qualicaps is a global manufacturer of high-quality empty capsules and processing equipment, with sites in the U.S., Canada, Spain, Romania and Japan. With more than 100 years of experience, Qualicaps is a leader in innovation in Quali-G ™ and Quali-V ® capsules, as well as pharmaceutical equipment, including capsule filling, sealing, inspection and imprinting machinery. Markets Served Qualicaps works with pharmaceutical companies globally, specializing in solid oral dose and inhalation applications in capsules. Our equipment offerings serve the solid oral dose market, with capsule processing, tablet imprinting and inspection, and softgel manufacturing. Major Products and Services Quali-G™ Two-Piece Gelatin Capsules Pharmaceutical Grade is our focus. Our process is laid out following strict pharmaceutical criteria. High quality production standards allow us to manufacture Quali-G ™ capsules without the use of preservatives. Our gelatin capsules are made from 100% bovine gelatin ensuring good mechanical properties. Quali-G ™ capsules are available in a wide range of colors made using colorants acceptable in the markets that you supply. Quali-G ™ capsules are available in all pharmaceutical sizes ranging from size 5 up to size 00, the largest size used in human medicine. Quali-V®-I Two-Piece Hypromellose Capsules Quali-V ® capsules are made only from vegetal ingredients and are free of animal origin. They have a lower moisture content, 4.0% to 6.0%, than gelatin capsules and can be filled with many types of formulations: powders, pellets, tablets, semi-solids and non- aqueous liquids. Quali-V ® capsules have the required strength and dimensions that enable them to be filled and packaged on automatic high-speed machines. Quali-V®-I Two-Piece Hypromellose Capsules for Inhalation For use with inhalation drugs, Qualicaps offers Quali-V ® -I capsules especially designed for use with dry powder inhalers. These specially formulated capsules have superior cutting and puncturing performance, unrivaled aerolization properties, low microbial levels, and are less prone to static charging than gelatin. Quali-V ® -I capsules also offer reduced powder adhesion for more uniform dosing and an available tighter weight specification.

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