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July 2015

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JULY 2015 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 17 slightly inclined to allow wine sediment to slowly settle at the bottom and stay separate from the wine when poured. Low-key lighting at the top of the unit paired with the solid wood bottle presenters allows for exceptional display of collection highlights. Another Miele first, with the launch of the new under counter wine storage is the ability to choose from two different units or pair them side-by-side. Sitting on the smallest of footprints and standing less than 35 inches, Miele's new under counter wine units do not let their size affect performance – the single zone KWT 6312 UGS has ample space for up to 46 bottles and touts some of the same features of its larger counterpart—the Sommelier Set** and FlexiFrame being two of the most noteworthy examples. The dual zone KWT 6322 UG pairs nicely side-by-side and has space for up to 34 bottles. With the elegant but unobtrusive design, they will blend-in seamlessly with kitchen and interior designs as the doors are handleless; they respond to slight pressure to open (Push2open). Upon closing, the doors are automatically drawn toward the cabinet from a certain angle. The new wine storage units are energy efficient and guarantee constant storage temperature through the uniform circulation of cold air (DynaCool). Additionally, each unit features vibration- free suspension on the compressor and prevent the transfer of odors through the use of an active charcoal filter (Active AirClean). Thanks to the new push action, the filter can now be replaced without first having to remove bottles. For more information visit *without Sommelier Set **SommelierSet only on KWT 6312 UGS THE NEW LG STYLER S3RERB CLOTHING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM • Clothes Refresh – A one-of-a-kind clothing management system, LG's Styler is designed to refresh clothes without detergents, providing an ideal solution for clothes that require special care (i.e., dry cleaning) such as suits, coats and sweaters. • Cleaning Technologies – The Styler features a variety of innovations including: — TrueSteam ™ : with a simple touch of a button, hot steam is employed to gently sanitize clothes; this technology also works to refresh and remove both wrinkles and odors from clothing — Odor Removal: uses steam and aroma sheets to help remove unpleasant odors left behind by smoke, food and sweat — Quick Refresh: keeps clothes looking, feeling and smelling fresh, while Moving Hanger Action gently shakes the clothes after they have been steamed to de-wrinkle garments — Easy Pants Crease Care: removes creases formed at the back of knees from daily wear while maintaining perfect pleats up front — A built-in heat pump generates warm air and maintains it at a low temperature to keep clothing from shrinking or being damaged while drying • Wireless Connectivity – Smart Diagnosis ™ and NFC Tag On are featured in the new LG Styler. Smart Diagnosis ™ alerts the user via their smartphone when the unit needs maintenance or repair and with NFC, users can download specialized cycles to their smartphones to be uploaded to their Styler via smartphone. • Sleek Design – It features a sleek, modern design, including an elegant finish that complements the interior décor of any bedroom or laundry room, even premium walk-in closets. • Quiet Operation – The Styler operates very quietly at only 40dB so it can be left running in the background. • Additional Information — Model Number: S3RERB — Price: $1,999

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