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word for word "e power of big data lies in the fact that history repeats itself, so what you did yesterday you'll oen do tomorrow as well. If you can process these huge data sets, you can start identifying these repeating patterns to make better forecasts about the future." —SUZY MOAT, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR AT WARWICK BUSINESS SCHOOL IN THE U.K., DESCRIBING THE SCHOOL'S NEW MOOC ABOUT BIG DATA "Failure's like gravity. A pervasive, albeit occasionally inconvenient, fact of life—and one we absolutely depend on." —JOHN DANNER AND MARK COOPERSMITH IN THE OTHER "F" WORD "Driving sustainability is not a responsibility relegated to sustainability professionals. It touches all aspects of business, including product and packaging design, [manufacturing and distribution], the workplace in which we operate, and the upstream supply chain that supports our products and operations. Business schools can better prepare students for this paradigm shift by integrating sustainability throughout their curriculum." —ALEXIS LIMBERAKIS, DIRECTOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY FOR THE CLOROX CO., AS SHE ACCEPTED THE GREEN TO GOLD AWARD FROM DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY'S SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IN PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, ON APRIL 24 "Why is salary the determining point of the impact of our work? But more important, why haven't we banded together to say, 'No, we are not going, as a profession, to be defined by people who have no idea and no investments in the consequences of these rankings'? … I don't think [the rankings] have done one ounce of good." —CAROLYN WOO, CEO OF CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES AND FORMER DEAN OF THE MENDOZA COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME IN INDIANA, ANSWERING A QUESTION ABOUT BUSINESS SCHOOL RANKINGS AFTER HER PLENARY SPEECH AT AACSB'S INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND ANNUAL MEETING IN APRIL "THE CRITICAL ARCHITECTS OF [ORGANIZATIONS] IN THE FUTURE WILL BE THE CHIEF LEARNING OFFICERS." —JOHN SEELY BROWN, CO-CHAIRMAN OF DELOITTE LLP CENTER FOR THE EDGE, IN A DELOITTE VIDEO ON WORK ENVIRONMENT REDESIGN "IF YOU ASK PEOPLE TO DESCRIBE THEIR BEST BOSS EVER, IT'S NEVER SOMEONE WHO WAS PATHOLOGICALLY CONTROLLING." —AUTHOR DAN PINK, SPEAKING AT AACSB'S INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND ANNUAL MEETING 72 BizEd JULY | AUGUST 2015

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