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September 2015

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM SEPTEMBER 2015 36 D ue to their diversity and outstanding performance, home electrical appliances are more in demand than ever before, because they are easier to use, take the effort out of housework and also save time. They also improve the quality of life, making it more comfortable, healthier, and promotes a feeling of well-being. Preparing meals and the experience of cooking and eating together with family and friends are popular lifestyle factors. Moreover, large and small electrical appliances are setting new standards in energy efficiency, sustainability and the conser- vation of resources. With each new generation of appliances, manufacturers have improved energy consumption. This meets with the approval of users because there is a strong awareness among consumers for the need to use water and energy carefully, and to protect the environment in general. Among so-called "white goods," the combination of high quality materials and outstanding design with a fresh range of colors is more evident than ever before. Intelligent home appliances with inter- connected applications continue to gain in importance. A large number of versatile apps are now available, for such purposes as information, operation, the care of appliances, comfort, service, maintenance, remote diagnostics and energy efficiency. By interact- ing with tablet PCs or smartphones, intelligent home appliances can be controlled or inquiries can be made about their operational status. With these systems, individual appliances can communicate with one another, linking hotplates with a hood, or operating various kitchen appliances by means of a single control panel. ELECTRICAL HOME APPLIANCES: IMPROVED & INTELLIGENT Despite the improvements that have already been achieved, the economical use of electrical power, water and detergents is an ongoing topic, and significant, tangible progress is still being made. Among the outstanding features of the latest generation of washing machines are their intelligent detergent dispensing systems, special programs for washing particular kinds of clothes and for removing dirt and stubborn stains, as well as various automatic programs using sensors. They deal effectively with dirt by using foam systems, improved drum movement and steaming. The new dishwashers operate faster and even more effectively, in some cases reducing operating times by more than 60% compared with their predecessors. Automatic programs, special air ducting systems, high pressure jets, a water wall or steam all help to improve and speed up the cleaning process, removing dried or burnt food residues without the need for prior soaking and scrubbing. Keeping food fresher for longer is one of the main features of the new refrigerators and freezers, along with improved energy efficiency. Some of these models are so flexible that the freezer can be transformed into a refrigerator at the press of a button. The latest generation of ovens are remarkable for their flexibility and speed, combining a number of functions in a single unit, such as conventional heating, hot air, a grill and steam cooking, as well as a microwave and induction. Many of the new models are interconnected and can be operated by means of an app. AMONG SO-CALLED "WHITE GOODS," THE COM OUTSTANDING DESIGN WITH A FRESH RANGE OF trends in home appliances for 2015

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