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September 2015

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SEPTEMBER 2015 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 37 RO Cooktops are also fitted with sensors to monitor the preselected temperature ranges and identify the levels in the pans. One advantage of this is to prevent overheating. Some of the more "intelligent" models can weigh the ingredients as well as monitoring the contents of a refrigerator. The safe and effective supply of heat via induction continues to capture a larger share of the cooktop market. In addition to the traditional positioning of hoods over the cooktop or on a wall, other alternatives are now available. After use they can be retracted into a cupboard, or incorporated in the cooktop itself. New technology enables these units to easily switch from air circulation to extraction, and also offer improved energy efficiency and lower operating noise levels. Hoods with a ceiling-mounted hoist can be adjusted in height above the cooktop. SMALL ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES: FLEXIBLE AND INNOVATIVE AIDS, AND NOT JUST IN THE KITCHEN Of course, in addition to large appliances, IFA also features small appliances. Each year the small electrical appliance sector demonstrates its innovative strengths with an impressive and wide range of new products for use in many different areas as well as the kitchen. "Food preparation" is another sector that is rapidly gaining in importance. A wide range of powerful tabletop mixers with differing capacities can be used, for example, for the rapid and careful preparation of popular and healthy smoothies. A wide selection of whisks, handheld mixers and macerators augments this product segment. Food processors offer an increasing range of capabilities and are more powerful too. They can take on many tasks in the kitchen, from whipping cream to kneading dough, as well as stirring, macerating, grinding and mixing, and can also heat up food and cook it. Some of these appliances have a choice of over 100 programs for food preparation. A new area is devoted to so-called fun cooking. Meals that are prepared at the table, with an electric grill, contact grill, raclette or fondue, bring more variety into our lives. For desserts there are waffle irons and cupcake makers, all of them highly innovative and flexible small appliances. An enjoyable meal is rounded off by cups of coffee, espresso or cappuccino. This accounts for the continuing popularity of appliances for preparing hot beverages. In addition to coffee, tea makers are also the focus of attention. Automated coffee makers, capsule and espresso machines, traditional filtered coffee machines and tea makers, either as standalone on built-in units, meet the needs of just about every customer, providing drinks in large or small quantities, or even a single cup of filter coffee. A wide range of units are also available to ensure the perfect climate within the home. Air purifiers, humidifiers and aroma diffusers create an oasis of well-being within one's own four walls. And if required, they can be combined with customised lighting and an individual choice of scents. They enable a fine mist to be created, distributing the required amount of humidity and fragrance throughout the room. BINATION OF HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS AND COLORS IS MORE EVIDENT THAN EVER BEFORE. RO

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