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HD INSIGHTS Meet the Journal, continued... INSIGHTS: What should reviewers expect? THOMPSON: Clinical, basic science, patient care, and historical perspective manuscripts. We are working with the editorial board with the goal of reviewing high quality manuscripts. LEAVITT: Reviewers should also expect fast but rigorous peer review, and rapid online publication. INSIGHTS: What should readers expect? LEAVITT: A one-stop journal, where they can see important and timely articles on all aspects of HD. In the same issue they can expect to see articles addressing issues of ethics, and issues relating to genetic testing. At the same time, they might see an article about basic molecular biology, or pathogenic studies on HD. They might also see an article looking at transgenic mouse models right beside one that looks at a similar study in humans. INSIGHTS: Thank you for speaking with us, and good luck with the new journal. Editorial Board Members Ray Dorsey, MD — Editor, Johns Hopkins University Donald Kennedy, PhD — Stanford University Nobuyuki Nukina, MD, PhD — Riken Brain Science Institute Rodrigo Osorio — Agrupacion Chilena de Huntington Bernard Ravina, MD — Biogen Idec Ralf Reilmann, MD — University of Munster Sarah Tabrizi, MBChB, PhD — University College London Leslie Thompson, PhD — University of California Irvine Huntington Study Group Shari Kinel, JD — HSG Executive Director Liz McCarthy, BA — HSG Administrative Manager Jillian Lowell, BS — HSG Event Planner Contributors Lise Munsie Paige Nichols, BA Mahmoud Pouladi, PhD David Shprecher, DO, MS Publication Staff Kristin Darwin, BS — Deputy Editor Robin Taylor — Production Editor Martin Holmes — Technical Editor Todd Bernhard — Copy Editor Vinayak Venkataraman, BS — Website Designer Dave Kolko — Distribution Specialist For more information on HD Insights, please visit us at www.HDInsights.org. 8 Copyright © Huntington Study Group 2012. All rights reserved. HD Insights, Vol. 2

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