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Machinery Lubrication Sept Oct 2015

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THIS MONTH, MACHINERY LUBRICATION CONTINUES ITS "TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE" SECTION in which we focus on a group of questions from Noria's Practice Exam for Level I Machine Lubrication Technician and Machine Lubricant Analyst. The answers are located at the bottom of this page. The complete 126-question practice test with expanded answers is available at TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE Answers 1. B As oil ages, a series of chemical reactions occurs within the oil, including oxidation and volatilization. Because the viscosity of the oil is directly related to the size of the molecules, any degree of oxidation and volatilization will result in an increase in the viscosity. 2. D Vacuum samplers are needed when there is not enough pressure to push oil to the sample bottle. Examples include return lines and unpressurized sumps. 3. E Sampling from drain ports makes the sample unrepresentative because all contam- inants and wear metal tend to settle in the bottom of the reservoir. Thus, the sample will not represent the condition of the oil near the lubricated components. When the system is cold, water and other contaminants tend to separate from the oil. Sampling after an oil change or major top-up does not add value, as the oil analysis can be expected to reveal good results or at least highly diluted data. 1. After some possible initial change, as oil ages, the viscosity of an aging oil generally: A) Trends down B) Trends up C) Stays very flat D) Oscillates both up and down E) None of the above 2. Vacuum samplers are needed: A) On low-pressure lines B) From unpressurized sumps C) From pressure lines D) Answers A and B E) All of the above 3. Which of the following contributes to poor quality and unreliable oil analysis data? A) Sampling from drain ports B) Sampling from cold systems C) Sampling after an oil change D) Sampling after a major top-up volume of oil has been added E) All of the above

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