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2 8 18 26 40 42 48 54 AS I SEE IT Remedies for a Bad Maintenance Culture Until you fix the culture issue, you cannot rise to the lofty state of excellence in maintenance and reliability. FROM THE FIELD Why Communication is Key for a Successful Lubrication Program Communication is one aspect of the improvement process that it would be extremely difficult to have in excess. However, ineffective communication has the ability to derail any improvement project. 2015 SALARY SURVEY Wages Holding Steady as Lubrication Workforce Gets Younger The latest results from Machinery Lubrication's annual salary survey reveal some interesting insights into the lubrication industry, as compensation rates appear to have remained steady over the past 12 months while the average age of the workforce has dropped. OIL ANALYSIS Establishing Elemental Limit Values for Motor Oils Limit and warning levels from elemental spectrometric analysis serve as indicators of the amount of foreign particles in used oil that is tolerable as well as when the altered lubricant must be changed. However, it is not easy to specify these warning levels. More 38 PRODUCT SUPERMARKET 46 BOOKSTORE 52 ASK THE EXPERTS Editorial Features 16 NOW ON MACHINERYLUBRICATION.COM 36 GET TO KNOW Departments 17 TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE 34 PRODUCT NEWS LUBE-TIPS Our readers offer advice on a host of lubrication-related issues, including tips on improving bearing life and minimizing air entrain- ment in hydraulic fluids. LESSONS IN LUBRICATION How to Equip Lube Techs for Success Do your lubrication technicians have the necessary tools to perform their jobs successfully? From standard items like grease guns and personal protective equipment to uncommon devices such as oil color comparators and particle counters, find out which tools a world-class lubrication program should have on hand. CERTIFICATION NEWS Why Laboratory Personnel Should Be Certified The certification of laboratory-based personnel is essential in supporting quality lab systems, as some accreditations do not guar- antee technical accuracy. BACK PAGE BASICS The Ins and Outs of Lubricant Storage Regulations Usually it isn't until after a major oil spill or accidental discharge that an organization learns about government regulations and then takes action to conform to them. However, you can prepare for these situations before they arise by knowing what the regulations are and whether they apply to your plant. September-October 2015 Contents 10 COVER STORY A Better Way to Test Grease Consistency The use of a stress rheometer has proven to be not only acceptable but a preferred method of monitoring the consistency of new and in-service grease.

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