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Machinery Lubrication Sept Oct 2015

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KEEP SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY FROM GOING UP IN SMOKE WITH QUINTOLUBRIC® FIRE-RESISTANT HYDRAULIC FLUIDS. For those who won't compromise on efficiency or safety, there's the QUINTOLUBRIC® line of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids. Our solutions keep your machines working at optimal performance with fewer interruptions and a longer life span for a lower total cost of ownership, increased safety and reduced risk. Our experts work with you to improve operations, process and efficiency, so you'll keep going strong and keep your workers safe. QUINTOLUBRIC® – Minimize Risk. Maximize Production.™ Contact us today. | | 1.800.523.7010 © 2015 Quaker Chemical Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Mineral oils are highly flammable and are a serious source of fire hazard in high temperature environments and applications close to open flames or red-hot metal parts. The risk is further increased by the rapid and aggressive ignition rate of mineral oils which can cause disruption in production, plant shutdown, increased insurance premiums, and threats to worker safety. 305.591.8935 | Unbalance is amongst the most common of reliability problems in rotating machinery. Structural problems, reduced machine and bearing life, and increased vibration all result from unbalance. There's no excuse for unbalance in your plant—stop the costly consequences with the right condition monitoring systems. Our equipment and support are the industry benchmark. Keep it Running™. VibXpert ® II Balancer A PRÜFTECHNIK product 1 & 2-plane Field Balancing, Vibration Analysis and more!

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