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38 September - October 2015 | SUPERMARKET SUPERMARKET SUPERMARKET SUPERMARKET Monitor and protect gearboxes and reser voirs with Checkfluid's new 6-bolt breather flange. The ABA series combines a 1" breather port for a desiccant breather with a port for an LT sample tube. Two ports are also available for a moisture-tem- perature sensor, level checking or venting. Quick on-the-fly installa- tion. Amazing protection. Checkfluid, Inc. 866-652-8728 Summit's Syngear Synthetic Gear Oils are formulated using the latest technol- ogy to have excellent oxidation, ther- mal stability, extended drain intervals, increased wear protection, longer lube life and less downtime. Call today! Summit Industrial Products 1.800.749.5823 Extreme conditions call for superior performance. Our new ANDEROL ® 5000 PLUS EP Synthetic Gear Oil series is formulated to provide high micropit- ting resistance and protection under extreme conditions, giving you superior performance compared to conven- tional oils. Chemtura Anderol Specialty Lubricants, a division of Chemtura Corporation 973.887.7410 Ext. 1104 Monitor lubrication flow with vari- able-area flow meters designed for specific ISO lubes. HART protocol and mechanical switch backup are options. Simple low-maintenance design gives years of reliable ser vice. Universal Flow Monitors, Inc 888-569-3090 The Ultraprobe® 15,000 Touch is an entire ultrasound CbM laboratory that fits in the palm of your hand. Multiple touch screens provide: on-board spec- tral analysis, IR thermometer, camera, laser pointer, tachometer and more … UE Systems, Inc. 800-223-1325 New for lubricating food manufac- turing equipment, LE's H1 Quincal Syn FG Grease features synthetic base oil & calcium sulfonate complex thickener. It is especially effective on bearings operating in a warm, moist environment. Lubrication Engineers, Inc. 800-537-7683 Fundamentals of Machinery Lubrica- tion provides more than 24 hours of foundational training on best prac- tices for machinery lubrication and oil sampling. It lays the groundwork for establishing a world-class lubrication program and is a Level I certification prep course. This online training for - mat allows 24/7, anywhere accessibility. Noria Corporation 800-597-5460 This DVD includes instructive videos and animations to give viewers a better understanding of electric motor bearings and how to lubricate them properly. Noria Corporation 800-597-5460 Combustion Technologies offers many options of filtration carts for hydraulic, engine oil, diesel fuel storage, gearboxes and more. Mine sites, power genera- tion, manufacturing plants, gas plants and fuel storage keep their equipment running smoothly and their fluids clean longer for a great return on investment. Combustion Technologies USA 866-680-3055

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