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2012-2013 Suturevet Catalog

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SUTUREVET SUTURE PRODUCTS Absorbable Suture PGA (Comparable to Vicryl*) Coated Braided Polyglycolic Acid Synthetic Absorbable Suture PGA SWIFT™ (Comparable to Vicryl Rapide*) Coated Braided Polyglycolic Acid Synthetic Rapidly-Absorbable Suture MONOSORB™ (Comparable to PDS II*) Monofilament Polydioxanone Synthetic Absorbable Suture SORBOCRYL™ (Comparable to Monocryl*) PGCL 25 Monofilament Synthetic Absorbable Suture CHROMIC GUT Chromic Treated Natural Absorbable Suture Tensile Strength Comparison Chart CHROMIC GUT PGA PGA SWIFT™ SORBOCRYL™ MONOSORB™ 100% 50% 25% 7 Data on file 14 21 (Days) 28 35 42 Nonabsorbable Suture POLYAMID™ (Comparable to Braunamid***) Coated Braided Nylon Nonabsorbable Suture MONOFIL™ (Comparable to Ethilon*) Monofilament Nylon Nonabsorbable Suture SILK Natural Braided Silk Nonabsorbable Suture PROMEND™ (Comparable to Prolene*) Polypropylene Monofilament Nonabsorbable Suture PROPYLGLO GREEN™ Monofilament Nonabsorbable Suture PROPYLGLO PINK™ Fluorescent Polypropylene (Comparable to Fluorofil**) Fluorescent Polypropylene Monofilament Nonabsorbable Suture *trademark of Ethicon Inc. ** trademark of CP Medical, Inc. ***Braunamid, trademark of B. Braun 4 (Strength)

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