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24 VETCLOSE LIQUID BONDING VETCLOSE™ Surgical Glue Henry Schein Code Size Material Package includes: 031477 2ml Cyanoacrylate 12 Disposable applicator tips Features: • VetClose ™ is a liquid bonding agent that holds minor cuts, wounds, and incisions together. • VetClose ™ is purple in its liquid state for easier visibility as it is applied. When it dries it is clear. • VetClose ™ works in 5-15 seconds, depending upon the degree of moisture at the site. • VetClose ™ strongly bonds the wound and can flex with the wound. • Contains n-butyl Cyanoacrylate 99.3% • Topical solution; Not intended for internal closures. • Comes with 12 disposable applicators (pipettes) for precise administration. • VetClose ™ will gradually slouch off as part of the natural healing process. VetClose ™ is a painless option for treating minor external wounds. With its five to fifteen second setting time per drop, VetClose ™ quickly and efficiently seals off any superficial wounds so natural healing can occur. The dozen non-clogging tip applicators ensure the proper dosage to help save time and money in minor surgical procedures and wound closure and can be disposed after use. VetClose's quick-acting adhesive also aids in protecting exposed nerve endings and the reduces wound oozing and irritation. VetClose ™ is a Vet Use Only product that contains a formulated n-butyl cyanoacrylate. A quick, painless solution that helps prevent infections.

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