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29 NEEDLE HENRY SCHEIN ETHICON COVIDIEN MWI PATTERSON VPL 17mm • 1/2 Circle NRB-1 RB-1 CV-23 / T-13 NRB-1 NRB-1 HR17 22mm • 1/2 Circle NSH-1 SH-1 CV-25 / T-16 NSH-1 NSH-1 HR22 26mm • 1/2 Circle NSH SH V-20 / T-5 NSH NSH HR26 22mm • 1/2 Circle NCT-3 CT-3 GS-23 / T-3 NCT-3 NCT-3 • 26mm • 1/2 Circle NCT-2 CT-2 GS-22 / T-19 NCT-2 NCT-2 HR26s 37mm • 1/2 Circle NCT-1 CT-1 GS-21 / T-12 NCT-1 NCT-1 HR37s 40mm • 1/2 Circle NCT CT GS-24 / T-25 NCT NCT • 48mm • 1/2 Circle NCTX CTX GS-25 / T-20 NCTX NCTX • NCTX NCT NCT-1 NCT-2 NCT-3 NSH NSH-1 NRB-1 [Needles are to scale] NEEDLE COMPARISON CHARTS TAPER POINT NEEDLES The Right Products for the Right Procedure The chart on the next two pages offers a suggested guide to needle/suture selection based on procedure and animal weight.* * This chart offers suggested suture uses for veterinary procedures based on product characteristics, features and indications only. It is not meant to replace appropriate surgical technique or knowledge of a veterinary surgeon. At Henry Schein Animal Health, we are committed to helping your practice's profitability and quality of care. By offering all of our swaged suture products in one dozen boxes, we help veterinarians manage the dollars they have tied-up in suture inventory. Combined with our average 30% discount from the leading brand, switching from the leading brand's three dozen packs to our dozen packs can reduce the cost of your suture inventory by 75%. We also understand that, as a veterinarian, your patients not only arrive with a variety of medical issues, but they also come in all different sizes. As shown on the next two pages, the best suture/needle combination for a Cesarean Section on a 5 pound Yorkshire Terrier will not be the best suture/needle combination for an 80 pound German Shepherd. With the leading brand of suture priced around $225 - $450 for a three dozen pack, many vets are financially forced to find a single suture/needle combination that would be adequate on all sizes of animals. Unfortunately they frequently "over-size" suture, which is unnecessarily rough on smaller patients and can lead to more tissue trauma and slower recovery times. In addition, the high cost of suture also pressures some vets to use the same pack of suture for an entire procedure, using it for internal organs, muscle, and subcutaneous closure, which also can lead to complications and slower recovery times. With SutureVet being sold in dozen packs, you can stock a single dozen pack of three different suture/needle combinations for less than a three dozen pack of the leading brand. This lets you have the right product for the right procedure, and practice better medicine.

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