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5 CLOSURE PRODUCTS Comparable to the Leading Brand The SutureVet ™ line was launched in 1998 to give veterinarians an economical, high-quality line of suture products. Our approach was to produce suture products that were as similar as possible to the products most widely used by veterinarians, and to offer them at a much more affordable price. Initially, the line was comprised only of suture cassettes which we designed to be comparable to the top-selling suture cassettes. As we added swaged needle suture, we also designed these to be comparable to the top-selling swaged needle suture brand. Manufacturing SutureVet ™ sutures are manufactured in Norcross, Georgia, by CP Medical Inc., a subsidiary of Theragenics Corp., and distributed exclusively by Henry Schein Animal Health. CP Medical is recognized as one of North America's leading suture manufacturers for the human and veterinary markets. (Additional CP Medical products may be special ordered from Henry Schein Animal Health using the HSAH # 031445. Please contact your Henry Schein Animal Health representative for more information.) Quality Products • The quality of raw material that goes into the manufacturing of all SutureVet ™ products is thoroughly tested to ensure that we meet and exceed all industry standards. SutureVet ™ products are manufactured according to USP standards for suture and medical devices in a FDA registered facility in Norcross, GA. • The Norcross, GA manufacturing facility also meets all the ISO 13485 standards for a quality management system that consistently meets customer and regulatory requirements applicable to suture and medical devices. • The suture materials and needles used in all SutureVet ™ sutures are also used in the human market in demanding applications such as cardiovascular surgery, plastic surgery, orthopedics, and dentistry. • All swaged needle sutures are packaged to minimize the "memory" of the suture material, making it easier to handle and tie. Additionally, most of our suture is now available in racetrack packaging. (See page 9) This package design improvement decreases the number of turns further minimizing suture memory. Residual "memory" can also be reduced by holding each end of the suture and giving it a gentle tug. • Most of our suture needles are attached to our suture material using laser-drilled swaging techniques. Laser-drilled swaging ensures a smooth transition from needle to suture material helping to minimize tissue trauma and increase surgical efficiency. • The majority of our suture needles are made from 300 series steel, considered by the medical industry to be the best stainless steel grade for high performance surgical needles. • Approximately 95% (based on sales) of SutureVet ™ swaged suture utilizes ScalpelPoint™ Premium needles, which offer several advantages over conventional needles (see page 6). Better Value SutureVet ™ was developed to offer premium sutures at a better value to the veterinarians than other suture lines. SutureVet ™ swaged needle sutures offer these major advantages: • They are significantly less expensive than the most popular brand, offering on average over a 30% savings (comparing the same quantities). • They are packaged in one dozen packs, rather than three dozen. • This lowers the amount of capital tied up in suture by 75% (including the 30% savings). • Surgeons have more flexibility to have the right product for a particular procedure when the suture is packaged as 1 dozen/box versus a 3 dozen/box (see page 29). They can have a dozen of 3 different suture/needle combinations instead of 36 of the exact same suture. • Most SutureVet swaged needle sutures are longer than the name brand product (typically 3 additional inches of material). 5

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