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6 ScalpelPoint™ Premium Suture Needles 300 Series Stainless Steel Most suture needles are made with 400 Series Stainless Steel, which tends to be hard and durable (making excellent blades and points), but also tends to be brittle. By contrast, 300 Series Stainless Steel has greater tensile strength, higher ductility (the ability to be drawn into a wire) with less brittleness. Our ScalpelPoint™ Premium Needles are made from a proprietary 300 Series Stainless Steel and are mechanically processed to make the steel harder while retaining the high tensile strength. This enables the ScalpelPoint™ needles to have very sharp points and blades, with very good durability, while maintaining their flexibility. (This type of needle is frequently used in the demanding human cardiac and plastic surgery areas, where it has displaced most conventional suture needles.) Bend but Don't Break The key to ScalpelPoint™ needles are their "memory" and "give", and the low degree of brittleness of the metal. ScalpelPoint™ needles feel rigid like any other suture needle. During normal use, a ScalpelPoint™ needle offers some "give" to the forces generated from the needle being pushed and pulled through tissue, but its "memory" allows the needle to spring back to its normal shape as the force is reduced. During more ScalpelPoint™ SCALPELPOINT NEEDLES ScalpelPoint ™ vs. the leading brand

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