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7 extreme use, such as reforming the needle for a particular use, greater force can be used to permanently bend the needle into a new shape, without breaking the needle. This is an important safety feature, as ScalpelPoint™ needles are less likely to break during a procedure. Finely Ground and Polished During production, the ScalpelPoint™ needles are mechanically processed to increase their hardness, giving greater durability and sharp points and blades. The needles are then finely ground before being electrically and chemically polished. (See photographs comparing the symmetry and surface smoothness of the ScalpelPoint™ needle with a leading brand needle.) View of needle pointing into the camera Finally the needle surface is siliconized, which effectively acts as an inert lubricant to allow the needle to slide through tissue. This processing allows the ScalpelPoint™ needles to pass through tissue with less force. Sharpness and Durability Needle sharpness is not only important to surgeons to decrease the hand fatigue at the end of a long surgery, but it is also important to the patient. Duller needles do not pierce or cut tissue as effectively as sharp needles, so duller needles cause more tissue trauma to the patient as the skin is more torn apart than cut. The ultimate test of a suture needle is its sharpness and durability. Real-world sharpness can be quantified by measuring the amount of force needed to pass the needle through a material that closely simulates tissue. (Our testing was performed using artificial tissue.) Durability can be evaluated by repeating the penetration force testing multiple times on the same needle, to see how quickly it dulls. The more a needle dulls, the more force it takes to pass the needle through the artificial tissue. The following charts compares ScalpelPoint™ needles versus a leading brand. As you can see, the ScalpelPoint™ cutting & taper point needles retain their sharpness after multiple penetrations. ScalpelPoint™ A Leading Competitor PENETRATION FORCE COMPARISON 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 FORCE REQUIRED (after 10 Repetitions) FS-1 PEAK PENETRATION FORCE (gram) LEADING BRAND LEADING BRAND LEADING BRAND ScalpelPoint™ ScalpelPoint™ ScalpelPoint™ Reverse Cutting 24mm 3/8c FS-2 Reverse Cutting 19mm 3/8c SH BETTER (Lower) WORSE (Higher) Taper Point 26mm 1/2c ScalpelPoint™ Competitor 0.56 0.44 0.33 0.22 0.11 1 Stitch2 Stitch3 Stitch4 Stitch5 Stitch6 Stitch7 Stitch8 Stitch9 Stitch 10 Stitch PENETRATION FORCE (lbs) ScalpelPoint™ (Cutting NFS-1) & Competitor ScalpelPoint™ (Taper NCT-2) & Competitor 1.01 0.89 0.78 0.67 0.56 0.44 0.33 0.22 0.11 1 Stitch 2 Stitch 3 Stitch 4 Stitch5 Stitch6 Stitch7 Stitch8 Stitch9 Stitch 10 Stitch ScalpelPoint™ Competitor

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