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the Civil War. He commented that his background as a history teacher gives him a level of enjoyment and patience in his job that he might not have had other- wise. Blunt concluded by saying, "he is lucky to be just a little part of the great history of the country." Many attendees shared that they felt inspired to dis- cover more of the history of the Capitol after Blunt's remarks. The Society wishes to thank Sen. Blunt for his time and his staff for their organizational support. A special thanks to Merck for providing a generous donation to make this breakfast possible. THIRD ANNUAL TRUSTEE BREAKFAST FEATURES SENATOR ROY BLUNT Nicole Collier (Nestlé), the Honorable Ron Sarasin (USCHS President and CEO), and Leslie Sarasin (Food Marketing Institute) Andrew Tanguay (Sanofi) and Jonah Houts (Express Scripts) enjoy cups of coffee. The Honorable Tom Coleman (USCHS Chairman) speaks with Blunt and Sarasin. Brett Loper (American Express) and Ed McClellan (Pricewaterhouse- Coopers) socialize before sitting down to breakfast. Michelle Dimarob (Altria) and Atalie Ebersole (Grant Thornton) share a laugh in response to Senator Blunt's remarks. Members of the Leadership Council and USCHS Staff sit down to enjoy breakfast. Blunt highlights the extraordinary design and engineering that went into building the Capitol dome and the legislative chambers as Sarasin looks on. Blunt describes how there is always something new to discover in the art, architecture, and history of the Capitol. S enator Roy Blunt of Missouri was the U.S. Capitol Historical Society's honored guest at the annual Trustee Breakfast on April 24. The event provides a forum for members of the Leadership Council to chat over a light breakfast with a sitting Member of Congress who also serves on the Society's Board of Trustees. Nearly 20 Council members gathered with Senator Blunt in a richly ornamented room in the Russell Senate Office Building, the oldest of the Senate office buildings. Blunt provided a brief history of the construction and extension of the U.S. Capitol under the shadow of 5

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