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Apparel tells a story. Whether it's the baseball cap worn while winning a big game at the corporate picnic or the race sweatshirt from a seemingly impossible triathlon—these are the moments that people will remember. In that moment, they felt Larger Than Life—they defied the norm and transcended into exceptional, and those feelings live on each time these items are worn. Give customers the opportunity to relive those awe-inspiring moments with the right promotional apparel and your brand will be synonymous with triumph. APPAREL * Global Advertising Impressions Study of 2013 66% OF OWNERS OF LOGOED OUTERWEAR CAN RECALL THE ADVERTISER'S NAME.* 61% OF CONSUMERS FEEL MORE FAVORABLE TOWARDS AN ADVERTISER AFTER RECEIVING A LOGOED T-SHIRT. * 60% OF CONSUMERS THAT RECEIVE A HAT ARE MORE LIKELY TO DO BUSINESS WITH THAT COMPANY.* p.5 p.12 p.11

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