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2 8 18 24 40 44 50 54 62 AS I SEE IT Understanding How Engines Consume Oil Some degree of oil consumption is to be expected in all engines. What is considered normal will var y based on the application and the design of the engine. FROM THE FIELD Why Education is the Secret to Successful Change While there are several important areas to focus on when imple- menting change at your plant, educating your workforce may be the most critical factor in achieving success. MAINTENANCE AND RELIABILITY 4 Common Maintenance Problems and How to Resolve Them Many maintenance departments today "fight fires" instead of approaching their problems systematically. This article will reveal the four common types of maintenance problems with the goal of helping you to prevent each type. OIL ANALYSIS Surprising Findings from Oil Analysis of Automotive Engines Used oil analysis is a great tool, but you need to understand how to properly manipulate the data and interpret the results. You must know not only the averages but also if there are any abnormalities embedded in those averages and how large is the standard deviation. More 38 PRODUCT SUPERMARKET 41 BOOKSTORE 60 ASK THE EXPERTS Editorial Features 36 GET TO KNOW 42 NOW ON MACHINERYLUBRICATION.COM Departments 34 PRODUCT NEWS 43 TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE LUBE-TIPS Our readers offer advice on a host of lubrication-related issues, including tips on oil sampling from critical gearboxes. LESSONS IN LUBRICATION The Right Way to Lubricate Worm Gears Of all the different types of gear configurations, worm gear systems are considered to be some of the most problematic because they present unique lubrication challenges. PERSPECTIVE Selecting Lubricants Based on Specifications Effective lubricant selection must strike a balance between quality, application and affordability. Lubricant specification documents can help you achieve and maintain this balance. TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION How to Address the Skilled Worker Shortage The demand for skilled workers is increasing, and this demand is not being met for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, the resulting shortage will likely persist or even get worse. BACK PAGE BASICS The Importance of Lip Seals in Controlling Contamination Lip seals are commonly used throughout industr y to keep lubri- cants in and contaminants out. However, taking proper care of these seals is seldom a high priority. January-February 2016 Contents 12 COVER STORY Are Oil Leaks Costing You Money? Companies waste thousands of dollars each year because oil leaks have become accepted. Learn which key factors most often cause system leakage and what you should do once an oil leak has been detected.

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