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PRODUCT NEWS PRODUCT NEWS 34 January - February 2016 | ANTI-SEIZE COMPOUND Bel-Ray's new anti-seize compound is specially formulated for use in a wide range of heavy industrial applications, including steel mills, power generation, refineries and petrochemical processing. The Nickel Anti-Seize Compound is an aluminum-complex grease that features high contents of nickel and graph- ite powders. It is free of any copper or soft reactive metals, making it ideal for use on stainless-steel fasteners and fittings. With a simple brush-on applica- tion, the nickel compound coats metal threads and components to prevent damage caused by galling, fretting and seizing. Bel-Ray 732-938-2421 FLUID INVENTORY CONTROL SYSTEMS The new RFC and RFC Plus fluid inventor y control systems from Alemite are designed to accurately track dispensed fluids for vehicle maintenance applications. The systems pro- vide wireless communication between the keypad and dis- pense valve with no hard wiring required. Both systems can control portable fluid tanks and dispense in pints, quarts, gallons or liters. The RFC manages up to eight fluids and 30 simultaneous dispensing meters, while the RFC Plus manages up to 16 fluids and 99 simultaneous dispensing locations. Alemite 800-822-4579 WIRE ROPE GREASE The Earthwise EAL Wire Rope Grease (3353) from Lubrication Engineers is specifically for- mulated to be earth-friendly while still meeting the performance demands of industrial appli- cations. The soft, semifluid grease is designed to coat wire rope as well as moving chain and cable parts to ensure long life and smooth, quiet operation. A certi- fied environmentally acceptable lubricant, it is readily biode- gradable with semi- tacky, water-resistant characteristics that enable it to adhere to the application, seal out moisture, protect against rust formation and shield against acid attack. Lubrication Engineers 800-537-7683 GREASE SAMPLING KIT MRG Labs' new sampling kit can be used to analyze the condition of grease-lubricated robots commonly employed in the automotive and manufacturing industries. Each kit enables sampling without robot disassembly or grease purging, thus allowing for periodic grease sampling while the robot is in ser vice. Ser ving essentially as a "blood test" for robots, the kits utilize the Grease Thief sampling tools outlined in ASTM D7718 and analysis methods listed in the new ASTM D7918 standard for in-ser vice grease testing. MRG Labs 717-843-8884

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