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In 1920 two pioneering aviators completed the first aerial journey from England to the southern tip of Africa, passing the last standing ancient wonders of the world; the Great Pyramids of Giza. Ever since, modern adventurers have attempted to re-enact this daring feat. FACT 105 Dictionaries, Grammar & Language The Heinle Picture Dictionary 106 Practical Grammar 107 Grammar Explorer 108 First English Grammar 109 Real English Grammar 109 Grammar with Laughter 109 Instant Grammar Lessons 109 Grammar Clips 109 A Handbook of Spoken Grammar 110 Using Collocations for Natural English 110 Using Phrasal Verbs for Natural English 110 Idioms Organiser 111 Phrasal Verb Organiser 111 English Vocabulary Organiser 111 Giza, Egypt | The Vimy flies above fog-shrouded pyramids during a golden sunrise. Photographer: JAMES L. STANFIELD

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