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For generations, Indonesians have bought their food at traditional markets known as 'pasar'. The term pasar can refer to a gathering of tukang sayur (vendors who sell off carts which go through residential areas), to a rough, temporary structure where sellers gather in the morning, to the large, multistorey buildings run by PD Pasar Jaya, Jakarta's market authority. FACT Indonesia | An open air market with locals selling vegetables and household items. Photographer: PAUL CHESLEY 113 Photocopiables Authentic Listening Resource Pack 114 Speaking Games 114 Role Plays for Today 115 Teamwork 115 Telling Tales in English 115 Class Act 116 The CLIL Resource Pack 116 IELTS Resource Pack 116 Lessons with Laughter 117 Taboos and Issues 117 Instant Discussions 117 Instant Grammar Lessons 117 Grammar with Laughter 117

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