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M E T H O D O L O G Y & P R O F E S S I O N A L D E V E L O P M E N T 124 Professional Perspectives A series of practical methodology books designed to provide the teacher of English with fresh insights, innovative ideas and original classroom materials. Dealing with Difficulties Solutions, strategies and suggestions for successful teaching Luke Prodromou and Lindsay Clandfield Dealing with Difficulties is packed with ideas for dealing with the everyday difficulties and challenges of teaching. * 2006 Winner The Ben Warren IH Trust Prize and 2007 Highly Recommended Duke of Edinburgh ESU English Language Book Award ISBN: 9781905085002 Challenging Children Imaginative activities to inspire young learners Henk van Oort The main aim of Challenging Children is to activate children's linguistic abilities, generate vocabulary and arouse their interest in the learning process. ISBN: 9781900783934 Spontaneous Speaking Drama activities for confidence and fluency David Heathfield Spontaneous Speaking gives teachers a wide variety of drama activities, all of which have been designed to maximise student interaction. ISBN: 9781900783927 Unlocking Self-Expression Through NLP Integrated skills activities for Intermediate and Advanced students Judith Baker and Mario Rinvolucri Unlocking Self-Expression Through NLP offers a hundred activities that create the need and the desire in students to express themselves, be it in speech or in writing. ISBN: 9781900783880 Humanising your Coursebook Activities to bring your classroom to life Mario Rinvolucri Humanising your Coursebook provides a wide range of original, imaginative, humanistic activities and techniques designed to give new life to any coursebook. ISBN: 9780954198602 Creating Conversation in Class Student-centred speaking activities Chris Sion Creating Conversation in Class provides a fresh, imaginative approach that guarantees full student participation in classroom conversation. ISBN: 9780953309887 The Minimax Teacher Minimise teacher input and maximise student output Jon Taylor The Minimax Teacher shows teachers how to increase learning efficiency through both a general approach to good learning management and a wealth of ready-to-use activities. ISBN: 9780953309894 Talking Business in Class Speaking activities for professional students Chris Sion Talking Business in Class provides teachers with a wealth of activities and suggestions for student-centred conversation classes. ISBN: 9781900783644 Using the Mother Tongue Activities to optimise a major classroom resource Sheelagh Deller and Mario Rinvolucri Using the Mother Tongue offers a variety of practical ways to make use of what is a very valuable resource when learning a foreign language. ISBN: 9780954198619 The Resourceful English Teacher A complete teaching companion Jon Chandler and Mark Stone The Resourceful English Teacher provides a repertoire of more than 200 classroom activities for use in a wide range of teaching solutions. ISBN: 9780953309818 SAMPLE PAGES w w

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