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CEFR levels CEFR A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 Welcome to Our World pg.16 Pre- Hide and Seek pg.18 Say Hello pg.20 Our World pg.24 Primary Hopscotch pg.26 Happy Trails pg.28 SPiN pg.29 World Wonders pg.30 Close-up pg.38 Secondary English Explorer pg.40 Time Zones pg.41 Aspire pg.42 English Insights pg.43 Keynote pg.54 Adult Life pg.56 Outcomes pg.58 World English pg.60 Heads Up pg.80 Business Total Business pg.81 International Management English pg. 83 Natural Business English pg.85 Pathways pg.92 Skills 21st Century Reading pg.94 Reading Explorer pg.96 Great Writing pg.100 These are approximate – please find further information about CEFR levels for each title on the catalogue page.

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