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20 P R E - P R I M A R Y – S a y H e l l o Say Hello is a two-level course for four to five year olds from experienced author Judy West. The course is based around two engaging young characters, Tom and Polly, plus their friend, Ben the Bear. At the heart of the course is an emphasis on child-centred activities, and the Ben the Bear puppet plays a key part in these. Songs, chants and games provide opportunities for repetition, enabling children to try out language in a fun and secure way and encourage interaction and movement Basic phonic awareness is presented by Professor Bunny right from the start In Level 2 the alphabet A-Z and the numbers 1-20 are introduced Colouring, tracing and craft activities encourage participation and manual dexterity Ben the Bear provides a perfect tool to encourage interaction and bring the characters of the book to life and bring fun into the classroom KINDERGARTEN CEFR Pre-A1 | 2 levels Judy West SAMPLE PAGES B R I T I S H E N G L I S H I N T E R AC T I V E W H I T E B OA R D F L A S H C A R D S P U P P E T PERFECT PARTNER – Hopscotch page 26

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