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P R I M A R Y – H a p p y Tr a i l s 28 For Pupils Level 1 Level 2 Happy Trails Pupil's Book with Audio CD 9781111062408 9781111398705 Happy Trails Activity Book 9781111062323 9781111402020 Happy Trails CD-ROM 9781111062354 9781111399429 Happy Trails Grammar Book 9781133050131 9781133050148 For Teachers Level 1 Level 2 Happy Trails Teacher's Book 9781111062330 9781111348472 Happy Trails Teacher's Resource Pack 9781111062576 9781111352257 Happy Trails Pupil's Book with Answer Key 9781111062507 9781111398729 Happy Trails Activity Book with Answer Key 9781111062514 9781111399382 Happy Trails Interactive Whiteboard Software 9781133314301 9781133314318 Happy Trails DVD 9781111062347 9781111351014 Happy Trails Class Audio CDs 9781111062392 9781111399412 CEFR Pre-A1 – A1 | 2 levels BEGINNER Jennifer Heath I N T E R AC T I V E W H I T E B OA R D V I D E O DVD S T U D E N T CD-ROM B R I T I S H E N G L I S H F L A S H C A R D S P OS T E R S AU D I O C D Happy Trails is also available as a one-year course covering two years of material adapted from Happy Trails 1 and 2. Accompanied by Ty the Panda, Leo the Leopard and Mia the Meerkat, Happy Trails is a perfect introduction to English for the first two years of primary school. The carefully scaffolded grammar, skills and vocabulary syllabus lays a strong foundation for language development and the breathtaking National Geographic photography and content allows pupils to embark on a trail of discovery through different countries, cultures and experiences. Pupils learn about the world of other pupils their age all over the world – broadening their horizons and developing their cross cultural skills Fun illustrated stories combined with authentic National Geographic material appeal to the highly visual needs of learners this age and appeal to their sense of adventure Projects, songs and games ensure that the course is developing the whole child alongside the acquisition of English A revised and refreshed Interactive Whiteboard component now offers greater ease of use and more flexibility

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