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P R I M A R Y – O u r W o r l d R e a d e r s 32 Level 1 The King's New Clothes 9781285190655 The King's New Clothes (Big Book) 9781285191614 Little Red Hen is Cooking 9781285190686 Little Red Hen is Cooking (Big Book) 9781285191645 My Body, Your Body 9781285190679 My Body, Your Body (Big Book) 9781285191638 The Three Bears 9781285190648 The Three Bears (Big Book) 9781285191607 Too Many Animals 9781285190693 Too Many Animals (Big Book) 9781285191652 Toys 9781285190662 Toys (Big Book) 9781285191621 We All Pull 9781285190631 We All Pull (Big Book) 9781285191591 What's In My Classroom? 9781285190617 What's In My Classroom? (Big Book) 9781285191744 Where are the Animals? 9781285190624 Where are the Animals? (Big Book) 9781285191584 Level 1 Story Time DVD 9781285462004 Level 2 The Ant and the Grasshopper 9781285190730 The Ant and the Grasshopper (Big Book) 9781285191676 Art Class 9781285190709 Art Class (Big Book) 9781285191751 A Big Lesson for Little Frog 9781285190778 A Big Lesson for Little Frog (Big Book) 9781285191713 Hare is Scared 9781285190761 Hare is Scared (Big Book) 9781285191706 My Day 9781285190754 My Day (Big Book) 9781285191690 The North Wind and The Sun 9781285190723 The North Wind and The Sun (Big Book) 9781285191669 Stone Soup 9781285190792 Stone Soup (Big Book) 9781285191737 The Three Pigs 9781285190747 The Three Pigs (Big Book) 9781285191683 What Jobs Do They Do? 9781285190785 What Jobs Do They Do? (Big Book) 9781285191720 Level 2 Story Time DVD 9781285461991 Level 3 Caring for Elephant Orphans 9781285191225 Country Mouse Visits City Mouse 9781285191232 Getting to School Around the World 9781285191249 The Four Blind Men 9781285191256 Mouse Deer in the Rain Forest 9781285191263 Anansi's Big Dinner 9781285191270 Tortoise and Hare's Race 9781285191287 Holiday Colours and Lights 9781285191294 Coyote's Weekend 9781285191300 Level 3 Story Time DVD 9781285461984 Level 4 The Empty Pot 9781285191324 The Green Rabbit 9781285191355 Hurum's Hobby 9781285191386 The Mirror 9781285191317 Rhodopis 9781285191331 Stormalong and the Giant Octopus 9781285191362 Sweet Surprises: Accidental Food Inventions 9781285191379 Tender Flower and the Medicine 9781285191348 The Tug-of-War 9781285191393 Level 4 Story Time DVD 9781285461496 Level 5 Amazing Beaches 9781285191485 The Cave People of the Karawari 9781285191447 How the Milky Way Began 9781285191430 How Tiger Got His Stripes 9781285191416 Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl 9781285191461 The Songbirds' Flute 9781285191423 The Tailor and His Coat 9781285191478 The Tale of Thunder and Lightning 9781285191409 Two Brothers, Two Rewards 9781285191454 Level 5 Story Time DVD 9781285461489 Level 6 Advertising Techniques: Do you Buy it? 9781285191546 Better Lives With Bionics 9781285191560 How Quetzalcoatl Brought Chocolate to the People 9781285191515 King Midas and His Golden Touch 9781285191508 Odon and the Tiny Creatures 9781285191539 The Flying Dutchman 9781285191577 The River Dragons 9781285191522 The Shark King's Cave 9781285191553 Young Cú Chulainn 9781285191492 Level 6 Story Time DVD 9781285461472 BEGINNER – LOW PRE-INTERMEDIATE Bring storytelling into the classroom! Comprising six levels of original stories, folktales, myths and non-fiction from around the world, Our World Readers are a great way to encourage reading for fun and to bring the all important tool of storytelling into the classroom. Each level of the Our World Readers is fully supported by a Story Time DVD that provides an animated version of the story and an opportunity to revisit the language covered in the Readers via a different medium. Each level includes 9 full-colour picture books and Levels 1 and 2 provide each reader as a Big Book Can be used independently as a stand-alone reading series or to support and build on the language and topics taught in the Our World Series (see page 24) Intercultural understanding enhanced through the variety and choice of stories from all over the world Downloadable teaching notes from Readers CEFR Pre-A1 – B1- | 6 levels V I D E O DVD Series Editors – Dr Joan Kang Shin and Dr JoAnn Crandall B R I T I S H O R A M E R I C A N E N G L I S H NB. Above ISBNs are for British English version please visit for American English

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