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Y O U N G L E A R N E R T E A C H E R R E S O U R C E S – P h o t o c o p i a b l e s 34 • A useful resource that can be built into learning schemes or used to supplement classes • Recognises the importance of engagement and enjoyment of learning and brings fun into the class Delta Photocopiables B E G I N N E R – E L E M E N TA RY CEFR Pre-A1, A1 – A2 | 2 titles Telling Tales in English Megan James, Wendy Superfine Aimed at teachers of children aged 8 – 11 Telling Tales in English contains photocopiable pages of well-known and much-loved stories, with accompanying activities. See also Storytelling with Our Students (page 120) Class Act 9781905085958 • Much of the language is repetitive or cumulative – exposing the students to useful language on various occasions • Provides a safe but contextualised platform for students to use their English – perfect for building their speaking confidence. This not only helps students learn but is fun! • The plays are graded in order of difficulty Class Act – Short plays with activities for young Learners B E G I N N E R – P R E-I N T E R M E D I AT E CEFR A1 – B1 | 1 level Danièle Bourdais, Sue Finnie A photocopiable collection of 12 short plays aimed at pupils between 7 and 11 years old. The plays cover a variety of appealing topics and the storylines are fun, simple and include useful language. Each of the 12 plays is accompanied by the audio version on the CD. The CLIL Resource Pack 9781905085651 • Each activity can be covered in one lesson and is simple to prepare, easy to adapt and motivating for young learners • Each activity focusses not only on cross-curricular content, but also on functions, structures and vocabulary areas • User guide is available from • Each activity is supplemented with weblinks for sourcing further information and ideas • Over 60 songs, chants, poems and dialogues to enliven the classroom The CLIL Resource Pack B E G I N N E R – P R E-I N T E R M E D I AT E CEFR A1 – B1 | 1 level Margaret Grieveson, Wendy Superfine A bank of over 120 motivating activities for the CLIL Classroom consisting of a Photocopiable Resource Book and accompanying Interactive Whiteboard Software. The course is divided into 10 topic-based units such as: Life Cycles, Forces and Motion, Food etc. Each unit contains 6 lessons which are appropriate for different levels of ability. Telling Tales in English + Audio CD 9781900783491 Young Learner Teacher Resources P H OTO CO P I A B L E P H OTO CO P I A B L E P H OTO CO P I A B L E SEE ALSO – Theatrical Readers page 33 SEE ALSO – additional photocopiables page 117 SAMPLE PAGES w w SAMPLE PAGES w w SAMPLE PAGES w w AU D I O C D AU D I O C D I N T E R AC T I V E W H I T E B OA R D

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