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41 T i m e Z o n e s – S E C O N D A R Y BEGINNER – PRE-INTERMEDIATE Time Zones, Second Edition is a four-skills programme designed to teach teenage learners how to use English effectively, developing them into successful global citizens. Time Zones combines a communicative approach to learning English with National Geographic content, images, and video. It features: An all new Starter level, introducing students to the essential English language skills and vocabulary necessary for true beginners Engaging real world content that brings National Geographic Explorers and 21st century topics into the classroom A communicative approach that offers students the opportunity to learn about and critically discuss global issues National Geographic video in every unit, introducing amazing places, culture, and information from around the world Time Zones Second Edition Nicholas Beare, Tim Collins, Mary Jane Maples, Ian Purdon, Catherine Frazier, Richard Frazier, Jennifer Wilkin, David Bohlke CEFR Pre-A1 – B1 | 4 levels Starter Starter Combo 9781305260313 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Student Book with Online Workbook 9781305509245 9781305510722 9781305510739 9781305510746 Student Book 9781305259843 9781305259850 9781305259867 9781305259874 Combo Split A with Online Workbook 9781305509252 9781305510753 9781305510777 9781305510791 Combo Split B with Online Workbook 9781305509269 9781305510760 9781305510784 9781305510807 Combo Split A 9781305260122 9781305260146 9781305260160 9781305260184 Combo Split B 9781305260139 9781305260153 9781305260177 9781305260191 Student eBook 9781305260245 9781305260252 9781305260269 9781305260276 Online Workbook 9781305260085 9781305260092 9781305260108 9781305260115 Combo Split A Online Workbook 9781305509276 9781305510814 9781305510838 9781305510852 Combo Split B Online Workbook 9781305509283 9781305510821 9781305510845 9781305510869 Workbook 9781305259928 9781305259935 9781305259942 9781305259959 Teacher's Edition 9781305259881 9781305259898 9781305259904 9781305259911 Classroom Audio CD and DVD 9781305260009 9781305260016 9781305260023 9781305260030 Classroom Presentation Tool 9781305259966 9781305259973 9781305259980 9781305259997 Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView ® 9781305260290 9781305260283 NEW EDITION DVD AU D I O C D A M E R I C A N E N G L I S H E B O O K Student Book • Real-world content is used as a springboard for introducing the language students need to become effective communicators in English • Practice of all four skills and exposure to high-frequency vocabulary over twelve units • Every unit ends with a Video page, which helps to reinforce and consolidate language from the unit Teacher's Guide • Full of suggestions and ideas for how to get the most out of class time • Teacher's Editions feature reduced Student Book pages, content notes, suggestions for additional activities, answer keys, and more

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