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45 S E C O N D A R Y A M E R I C A N E N G L I S H B R I T I S H E N G L I S H Each of the six units of the Student's Book includes: • Engaging activities to teach vocabulary • A dialogue to practise the vocabulary and introduce grammar in context • A two-page grammar review with a wide range of activities • Useful functional language presented in a dialogue and followed by practice activities • A focus on reading, writing and listening • An exciting magazine style section adapted from National Geographic which contains: • A fascinating article with comprehension activities • An amazing fact in the Wow! section Gateway to Science provides research-based evidence as a visual approach to develop learners' vocabulary. It follows a four-page format that develops the vocabulary and concepts needed for science. Gateway to Science covers Science Basics, Life Science, Earth Science and Physical and is a perfect CLIL book for science study. Holiday Explorer B E G I N N E R – E L E M E N TA RY CEFR A1 – A2 | 2 levels David A Hill Holiday Explorer is a short course in English for young students that includes fascinating real-world content and images from National Geographic. Each of the six units in the Student's Book includes engaging vocabulary, reading, writing and listening activities. Gateway to Science B E G I N N E R – U P P E R I N T E R M E D I AT E CEFR A1 – B2 | 1 level Tim Collins & Mary Jane Maples Gateway to Science is a unique programme designed to provide students with the perfect platform for rapid progression in the field of science. Using picture dictionary and textbook formats, students acquire key vocabulary, concepts and learning strategies that help boost academic achievement. Gateway to Science is ideal for CLIL. For Students Level 1 Level 2 Holiday Explorer Student's Book and Audio CD 9781111400590 9781111398798 For Teachers Level 1 Holiday Explorer Teacher's Booklet (1 & 2) 9781111400620 For Students Gateway to Science Student's Book – Paperback 9781424016211 Gateway to Science Student's Book – Hardback 9781424003310 Gateway to Science Workbook/Lab Manual 9781424003327 For Teachers Gateway to Science Teacher's Edition 9781424003334 Gateway to Science Assessment Book 9781424008940 Gateway to Science Class Audio CDs 9781424003341 Gateway to Science ExamView ® Pro CD-ROM + Classroom Presentation Tool 9781424003358

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