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B U S I N E S S 82 Key Features: • Large number of short units with customisable sections allows for easy selection of material appropriate to specific business requirements • Glossary of key business-related terms in the coursebook and self-study guide • Self-study guide that can be used to support the coursebook or as a stand-alone resource • Comprehensive grammar syllabus supported by Language Notes and Business Grammar Guide English for Business Life E L E M E N TA RY – U P P E R I N T E R M E D I AT E CEFR A2 – B2 | 4 levels Ian Badger and Pete Menzies English for Business Life is suitable for a wide range of training situations from in-company courses in multinationals to colleges that train students for the workplace. The course presents the English essential for doing business in today's global marketplace. It takes account of international contexts, countries and cultures and a business environment where English is often used as the language of communication between speakers of many nationalities. For Students New Business Matters Coursebook 9780759398566 New Business Matters Workbook 9780759398597 For Teachers New Business Matters Teacher's Book 9780759398573 New Business Matters Audio CDs (2) 9780759398535 New Business Matters Assessment CD-ROM ExamView ® 9780759398528 New Business Matters CNN ® Video 9780759398559 • Four listening-based skills units focus on the language of meetings, presentations, telephoning and negotiations • A glossary of key business vocabulary has been added • Fifteen authentic CNN ® video segments, supported by worksheets in the back of the coursebook, reinforce the topics covered in each unit • Expanded teacher support package includes ExamView ® Pro test generating software and test bank, which allows instructors to create, customise and correct tests quickly and easily New Business Matters I N T E R M E D I AT E CEFR B1+ | 1 level Mark Powell, Ron Martinez, Rosi Jillett, Charles Mercer New Business Matters is a stimulating language course for students of business English. The unique lexical syllabus precisely identifies what business students need to learn in order to increase their understanding, fluency and communicative power in English. Each unit is based on a specifically written article, rich in the language of company life, followed by language activities which ensure that learners engage with the language and interact with each other. For Students Elementary Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate English for Business Life Coursebook 9780462007557 9780462007595 9780462007632 9780462007670 English for Business Life Self-Study Book with Audio CD 9780462007564 9780462007601 9780462007649 9780462007687 For Teachers English for Business Life Teacher's Manual 9780462007571 9780462007618 9780462007656 9780462007694 English for Business Life Class Audio CDs 9780462007588 9780462007625 9780462007663 9780462007700 For further information on English for Business Life visit See also Best Practice visit AU D I O C Ds AU D I O C Ds V I D E O

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