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85 B U S I N E S S SAMPLE PAGES AU D I O C D B R I T I S H E N G L I S H B R I T I S H E N G L I S H The Language of Meetings I N T E R M E D I AT E – U P P E R I N T E R M E D I AT E CEFR B1+ – B2 | 1 level Malcolm Goodale The Language of Meetings is a comprehensive course in the language and culture of international meetings. It contains all the necessary language to ensure full and effective participation. Presenting in English 9781111832278 Natural Business English Book with Audio CD 9781905085729 Presenting in English I N T E R M E D I AT E – U P P E R I N T E R M E D I AT E CEFR B1+ – B2 | 1 level Mark Powell Presenting in English teaches students how to become successful presenters at conferences or meetings and is designed for students who need to use their English in front of audiences of any size. Natural Business English U P P E R I N T E R M E D I AT E – A DVA N C E D CEFR B2 – C1 | 1 level Bill Mascull Natural Business English presents and practises not only essential business vocabulary and expressions, but also natural business language using idiomatic expressions and metaphorical language. This book is designed to help learners to understand this language, and to practise using it in appropriate ways to improve their fluency. It is suitable for people studying business English, doing courses with a business English component at university or equivalent level, as well as those already working who need English in their careers. The Language of Meetings 9780906717462 SAMPLE PAGES w w AU D I O C D Build Your Business Vocabulary I N T E R M E D I AT E – U P P E R I N T E R M E D I AT E CEFR B1+ – B2 | 1 level John Flower Build Your Business Vocabulary contains graded vocabulary exercises in a wide variety of business scenarios. An ideal complement to business English courses and can be used in class or for self-study. Build your Business Vocabulary 9780906717875 • 12 units with an answer key making this ideal for self-study or class use • Freestanding units can be completed in any order • Each unit contains at least 2 mini-meetings giving students a chance to practise what they have learnt while drawing on personal experience • Suitable for staff in multi-nationals and international agencies • Covers topics such as presenting an argument, asking for and expressing opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, interrupting, clarifying, questioning and much more See also Meetings, from the Delta Business Communication series (page 84) The course provides extensive practice activities at Intermediate to Upper Intermediate level and comes with audio CDs and an answer key making it ideal for both class use and self-study. Each book contains: • The real language of professional speakers • A comprehensive range of public speaking skills • Techniques for handling an audience • A unique attention to the structure and detail of rhetorical language • 2 Audio CDs in the back of the book See also Delta Natural English Series (page 110) • Full answer key • Motivating exercises • Variety of exercise types • Teaches more than 1,000 words and phrases in a wide range of business contexts, including: accounts, banking, insurance, management, personnel, law, product, presentations, trade, sales, social correspondence • Straightforward and easy to use • The most efficient way of increasing students' word power B R I T I S H E N G L I S H Can't find this see also book

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