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B U S I N E S S 86 Achieve BULATS Student's Book with Answer Key and Audio CD 9780462007830 Achieve BULATS contains: • Fact File – with useful information about each task type found in the test • Strategy – advises students on the best ways to approach each task within the test • Preparation – exercises lead students step-by-step through an example of each task type • 3 complete practice tests for the Standard test • Writing test section • Speaking test section • Audioscripts and Answer Key Achieve BULATS E L E M E N TA RY – A DVA N C E D CEFR A2 – C2 | 1 title Russell Whitehead, Mark Harrison Achieve BULATS provides vital preparation and practice for the BULATS exam. All the tasks represent real English in real workplace situations covering the four skills as well as exercises based on knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. For Students Preliminary Vantage Higher Success with BEC Student's Book 9781902741802 9781902741871 9781902741888 Success with BEC Workbook without Key 9781902741932 9781902741956 9781902741963 Success with BEC Workbook with Key 9781905992034 9781905992041 9781905992058 For Teachers Success with BEC Teacher's Book 9781902741949 9781902741901 9781902741970 Success with BEC Audio CD 9781905992003 9781905992010 9781905992027 Each module of Success with BEC is divided into: • Business Topic lessons which teach vocabulary from BEC topic areas • Business Skills lessons which focus on essential communication skills • Exam Spotlight lessons which present information about the exam, develop exam skills and provide exam practice The core lessons all: • Cover a carefully designed grammar syllabus with extensive practice • Introduce modern business issues of the day • Include exam type activities and tips for exam success A Success with BEC Teacher's Companion is also available, offering additional resources for teachers across all three levels of the exam Success with BEC P R E L I M I N A RY – H I G H E R CEFR B1 – C1 | 3 levels Paul Dummett, John Hughes, Rolf Cook, Maria Pedretti, Colin Benn, Helen Stephenson Success with BEC provides complete preparation for the BEC exams, but it is also an ideal focus for in-company training courses and for business people and students wishing to improve their English and job prospects. For Students Preliminary Vantage Higher Pass Cambridge BEC Student's Book 9781133313205 9781133315575 9781133313229 Pass Cambridge BEC Workbook 9781133316510 9781133316558 9781133316572 For Teachers Pass Cambridge BEC Teacher's Book + Class Audio CD 9781133317548 9781133317531 9781133317524 Key features: • An introductory unit provides important information about the exam • Core units cover key workplace topics, including mergers and acquisitions, e-business, recruitment and business ethics • Business orientated exercises develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills • Easy to use self-study sections consolidate key vocabulary and grammar • Exam focus sections give advice on how to succeed in each part of the test • Exam practice sections test students' reading, listening and writing skills PASS Cambridge BEC P R E L I M I N A RY – H I G H E R CEFR B1 – C1 | 3 levels Ian Wood, Anne Williams, Paul Sanderson, Louise Pile, Marjorie Rosenberg, Sarah Curtis, Anna Cowper PASS Cambridge BEC is a practical course for students who wish to gain a recognised business English qualification. Focussing on relevant international business situations, the course has been structured to provide students with a thorough preparation for the Business English Certificates. AU D I O C Ds AU D I O C D AU D I O C D SAMPLE PAGES SAMPLE PAGES SAMPLE PAGES

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