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B U S I N E S S 87 Financial English can be used as the core material for a course or for self-study • Covers numbers, accounting, banking, corporate finance, trade and economics • A comprehensive 24 page glossary of financial English • Presents and explains the fundamental concepts of the different areas of finance • Defines essential vocabulary, terminology, common financial idioms and metaphors • Contains a full answer key Financial English SECOND EDITION I N T E R M E D I AT E – U P P E R I N T E R M E D I AT E CEFR B1+ – B2 | 1 level Ian MacKenzie Financial English is a language practice book for anyone learning about or working in finance. It is designed for students preparing for careers in business and finance as well as for people already working who wish to improve their English in this specialised field. Absolute Financial English Coursebook with Audio CD 9781905085286 Features: • Each unit is divided into four sections with each section covering one of the four skills; closely following the organisation of Cambridge ICFE • Introductory unit describes the ICFE exam in detail including an introduction to each paper • Includes a Skills Focus and an Exam Focus in every section of each unit • Provides extensive practice of the text types and tasks featured in the exam • Offers tips and hints to assist candidates with each section of the exam • Suitable for class or self-study Absolute Financial English U P P E R I N T E R M E D I AT E – A DVA N C E D CEFR B2 – C1 | 1 level Julie Pratten Absolute Financial English is a coursebook written for students following a course of study in financial English, written in particular for candidates preparing for ICFE. It contains 10 units which provide over 60 hours of teaching material. Absolute Banking English Coursebook with Audio CD 9781905085842 Features: • Discusses topics which reflect the ever- changing language of banking English and shift in priorities of bankers in the last decade • Aims to develop the core skills required by international bankers in their day to day working life • Contains the specialist terminology, synonyms, abbreviations and idiomatic expressions of a particular topic area of banking in each unit • Offers a balanced range of exercises and communication activities in each unit • Contains 12 thematic units, each divided into four key skills sections, plus 4 review sections Absolute Banking English U P P E R I N T E R M E D I AT E – A DVA N C E D CEFR B2 – C1 | 1 level Julie Pratten Absolute Banking English is written for Upper Intermediate and Advanced learners of English who work in banking or the financial sector. It is designed for people who need to communicate internationally in English on a daily basis. Financial English 9781111832643 SAMPLE PAGES w w SAMPLE PAGES w w SAMPLE PAGES AU D I O C D AU D I O C D

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