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89 B U S I N E S S English for Cabin Crew P R E-I N T E R M E D I AT E – U P P E R I N T E R M E D I AT E CEFR B1 – B2 | 1 level Terence Gerighty, Shon Davis English for Cabin Crew is an essential course for those preparing for a career as a cabin crew member. It is equally suitable for those already working in the industry who need to improve their communication skills when carrying out their pre and in-flight responsibilities. Ideal for self-study or for one-to-one or group teaching. Technical English 9781902741765 • Helps learners increase their knowledge of technical vocabulary and grammar • 30 units cover key technical vocabulary drawn from professional activities and company profiles • 20 units review core grammar in technical context • 50 topic areas divided into vocabulary (30) and grammar (20) • The glossary covers and defines 1,500 key technical terms • A multilingual glossary to accompany this book is available at Technical English Vocabulary and Grammar I N T E R M E D I AT E – A DVA N C E D CEFR B1 – C2 | 1 level Nick Brieger, Alison Pohl Technical English: Vocabulary and Grammar is a reference and practice book for learners of technical English at intermediate level and above for classroom use or self-study. For Students Energy English Coursebook with Audio MP3 CD 9780462098777 For Teachers Energy English Teacher's Book 9780462098784 Energy English Class Audio CD 9780462098791 A comprehensive course designed to: • Teach key industry vocabulary • Improve fluency • Develop listening skills • Review key grammar points The Student's Book is organised into: • 24 topic units covering each part of the gas and electricity supply chain • 12 communication skills units which develop fluency in common work situations • Grammar section with practice exercises Pre-course tests available to download from Energy English For the gas and electricity industries I N T E R M E D I AT E – U P P E R I N T E R M E D I AT E CEFR B1+ – B2 | 1 level Paul Dummett Energy English is an essential resource for professionals working in the gas and electricity industries who need to use English in their work. It is also suitable for those preparing for a career in the energy sector. SAMPLE PAGES SAMPLE PAGES yenglish AU D I O C D SAMPLE PAGES AU D I O C D M P3 Student's Book with Audio MP3 CD 9780462098739 Class Audio CD 9780462098753 A comprehensive course designed to: • Improve fluency and pronunciation • Build key vocabulary and expressions • Develop listening skills The Student's Book is organised into three sections: • Units 1-10 follow the routine stages of any flight • Case Studies present real incidents involving passenger experiences and the actions of cabin crew • Self-Study provides additional practice exercises for independent study Teacher's Book and Achievement Tests available at

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