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A C A D E M I C E N G L I S H & S K I L L S – P a t h w a y s 92 ELEMENTARY – ADVANCED Pathways is a dual-skills course that can be taught in parallel or as individual strands – Reading and Writing, and Listening and Speaking – with topics and language that complement and mirror each other. Students benefit from a targeted skills syllabus where they can really develop, not just practise, the skills they will need for effective use of language. Pathways particularly lends itself to academic learners of English, with the topics and language input texts taken from a more academic context. In addition, the strong critical thinking element present in both strands encourages and stimulates the 'higher order' thinking skills and the students' ability to evaluate, analyse and synthesise information from a wide range of sources. Meaningful and authentic content from National Geographic creates the perfect environment for this and stimulates learners' curiosity and participation. 'Academic Pathways' highlight the main academic skills of each lesson 'Exploring the Theme' provides a visual introduction to the unit. Learners are encouraged to think critically and share ideas about the unit topic CEFR A2 – C1 | 5 levels Pathways Listening, Speaking, and Critical Thinking Becky Tarver Chase & Kirstin L. Johannsen Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking Laurie Blass & Mari Vargo A M E R I C A N E N G L I S H V I D E O DVD I N T E R AC T I V E W H I T E B OA R D SAMPLE PAGES E B O O K AU D I O C D

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