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February 2016

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM FEBRUARY 2016 10 I nnovation, imagination, design and professional performance are the driving forces in this company and a measure of the philosophy of long-term vision and progress that is deeply engrained in the company's culture. All employees work in harmony as essential figures in new development projects, sharing a passion for excellence and igniting a fire that has breathed life into Fulgor Milano's latest genesis: Sofia. In June, 2015, Gianni Meneghetti, managing director of Fulgor Milano, presented a new professional range to a large international audience. This audience included major distributors from around the world and the theme that evening was dedicated to "Local Excellence". The Vicenza area is one of the oldest in Veneto and is recognized historically for its tradition of elegance and refinement. This area is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site for the grand palaces, beautiful Palladian Villas and distinctive architecture found throughout its towns and cities. The Meneghetti family roots run very deep in the region and Fulgor Milano's Sofia pays homage to the passion for distinction that is a vibrant part of the local culture. During the Local Excellence event, there was a focus on the North American audience in attendance as Sofia was designed primarily with this market in mind. For years the parent company, Meneghetti SpA, has firmly maintained focus on foreign markets, relying on Research and Development, and the competitiveness of their manufacturing process to provide high quality products. In 2003, management chose the challenging road of shifting their manufacturing processes to a lean production system which has benefitted the company and its business partners immensely. The company employs over 24 engineers that are continuously engaged in research. This research gives direction to the investments required to create distinctive and innovative products for the individual markets they are intended for. For close to three years a dedicated team of engineers were devoted solely to the Sofia project to ensure the design vision was never compromised. This dedication has ensured that Fulgor Milano now offers a unique and innovative professional range to its customers. By adding Sofia to Fulgor Milano's product offering, the brand renews an already significant commitment to the North American market. This professional range was designed to ensure maximum HOMEGROWN & HANDCRAFTED IN ITALY PHOTO: © LUCA SACCHET PHOTO: © LUCA SACCHET PHOTO: © ENRICO CELOTTO PHOTO: © ENRICO CELOTTO PH O T O: © E N RI C O C EL O T T O

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