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156 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • W I N T E R 2 0 1 6 Sur with seawater and salt-laden fog often blan- keting the rock, this is a caustic environment that takes a toll on man-made structures. Ferrous metal rusts in the flash of a strobe light. Rockslides constantly threaten, and blowing sand has to be removed from the access road on a nearly daily basis. The valiant volunteers who make the trek here on Thursdays have their work cut out. So far, they've meticulously restored the head lighthouse keeper's quarters and a barn once used to house livestock. CCLK got a big break when AT&T decided that Point Sur would be the perfect perch for a cell anten- na and funded construction of the period-cor- rect water tower that now sits atop the rock. But there's plenty more work to do. The stone "triplex" building once inhabited by assis- tant keepers and their families has a Gothic, haunted-mansion vibe. Volunteers who deco- rate and lead Halloween tours through the building have capitalized on the spookiness. Of course, rumors of hauntings are legion and the triplex has been the subject of multiple para- normal investigations. Many Monterey Peninsula area residents have passed Point Sur without stopping to check it out. Those that make the decision to take one of the three-hour tours offered by CCLK are delighted they did—and wonder why it took so long. After entering through a gate locked with plethora of padlocks, visitors park at the bottom of The Rock where they're met by docents who escort them on a walk to the top, imparting lore and historical facts along the way. On clear days, the views up and down the coast are nothing short of magnificent; on days with fog, rain and high winds, it becomes abundantly apparent why it was necessary to locate the lighthouse here in the first place. Tours are offered weekends year-round and sea- sonally on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Visit for more information and also on how to become a volunteer. Built to withstand the harsh conditions of the Big Sur coastline, the imposing Point Sur Lightstation, properly cared for, will remain for future generations to marvel over. Photo: Shutterstock

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