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Vol. 13 l Winter 2016

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1 HD Insights, Vol. 13 HD Insights A H u n t i n g t o n d i s e a s e r e s e a r c h Issue N o 13 -- Winter 2016 p e r i o d i c a l TM Copyright © Huntington Study Group 2016. All rights reserved. Research Round-up and Clinical Trials Update Summaries of the latest HD research and an up-to-date listing of HD clinical trials
 Pages 7-9 Highly Cited HD Research Promising, impactful scientific discoveries in HD from 2014 Pages 3-6 Highlights from the Journal of HD Dr. Jong-Min Lee describes the newly created, publicly accessible, Genetic Modifiers of Motor Age at Onset database, and his group's recent discovery of new genetic modifiers of HD Page 17 Sleep Disturbances in HD Dr. Alpar Lazar describes his group's characterization of sleep disturbances in premanifest HD patients Page 16 Highlights of HSG 2015 George McNally shares the high points of last year's HSG meeting in Tampa, FL Page 19 Antisense Oligonucleotides Enter Clinical Trials Meet the team behind IONIS-HTT Rx , the antisense oligonucleotide therapy with the potential to transform HD treatment Ionis Pharmaceuticals' HTT Rx development team, from left to right: Roger Lane, Curt Mazur, Holly Kordasiewicz, Erika Paz, Kristin Balogh, Anne Smith, Tom Zanardi, Dan Norris, Eric Swayze, Tiffany Baumann, Kristina Bowyer, Gene Hung, Jose Mendoza, Frank Bennett (Not pictured: Gina Mc Mullen, Ed Wancewicz). Read more about IONIS-HTT Rx in our interview with Drs. Lane, Kordasiewicz, Smith, and Bennett, and learn about Ionis' partnership with Roche Pharmaceuticals from Dr. Scott Schobel, beginning on page 10.

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