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December 2015 SMOKESHOP 33 facturer's staff members: from Drew Es- tate are Fabien Ziegler, v.p. of sales, and Chris Stone, the east coast sales rep, as well Micah Johnson, owner of boutique newcomer Bloodline Cigars. "I really wanted to be here to support Vaughn, and it is a great way to intro- duce my product line to a huge market of serious cigar smokers," said Johnson between customers. "Introducing a new line of premium cigars is a daunting task, but if we have a potential walk- through traffic of more than 200,000 at one location, that's a huge advantage," Johnson added. Ziegler and Stone, meanwhile, offer their thoughts on Drew Estate's special relationship with Boyd and Deadwood Tobacco Company. "The Drew team has worked with Vaughn to develop her own line of cigars that we manufacture at our Nicaragua factory," explained Fabien. "We worked with her to develop a series of three unique selections—Sweet Jane, Crazy Alice, and Fat Bottom Betty—each with a unique size and flavor profile to suit a huge range of customer preferences," he continued. Sweet Jane began as a limit- ed edition annual release celebrating the rally that is now available all year. Guiding customers through the mer- its of size, flavor, blend, and wrapper se- lections, each of the humidor specialists listen attentively to their clients and of- fer up some great advice on special val- ue-priced cigar selections. "Of course we are going to offer some great deals to customers at an event of this size and stature," added Drew Es- tate's Stone. "We love being here and meeting a lot of new riders coming to the event and rekindling old friendships from our past visits," offered Micah during a small lull at the humidor. A new face has now come to help out Fabien in the humidor: a gentleman by the name of John Crabtree who intro- duces himself as "Deadwood Tobacco's No. 1 Ambassador." "I'm a longtime friend of Vaughn's and make this trip every year," Crabtree explains, adding that he makes the pil- grimage from his Florida home "just to help Vaughn out." Crabtree and all the folks in the Dead- wood Tobacco circle of friends—sales associates, bar tenders, and doormen— keep a steady stream of what at times is shoulder-to-shoulder traffic flowing through the stairways and walking cor- ridors. While the Sturgis Rally is still two days away, Deadwood Tobacco is quickly becoming a standing room-only venue. With the arrival of Brandon Sprague and his band for their regular Friday and Saturday night performances, the limited seating is quickly occupied and even the dance floor is beginning to attract activity. "We really like hav- ing players drop in and entertain the customers who just want to kick back and listen to some great live music," says Vaughn between trips to the store's stockroom to replenish the humidor. The approximately 100-mile-radius tourist region surrounding Deadwood and Sturgis offers some of the best rid- ing roadways for the two-wheeling set, and bikers are drawn here to soak in the expansive scenery. Most obvious are the constantly changing vistas as travelers crest the rolling hills and sweep out of > Customers are always willing to try new products that fit their lifestyle and recreation demands. We can supply everything from a great pipe blend all the way up to an hour-long premium cigar for that special occasion. — Vaughn Boyd, Owner, Deadwood Tobacco Company > Left: Deadwood Tobacco is located below street-level under the Fairmont Hotel / Oyster Bay Restaurant. Right: Deadwood's full liquor bar.

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