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2016 Planning Retreat Wrap Up

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2016 PROFORMA PLANNING RETREAT WRAP-UP Proforma Owners and their teams gathered in seven different cities with Supplier Partners and Support Team Members to work on bettering themselves for 2016 and into the future! Attendees spent their day and a half getting recharged, refocused and reenergized on their business and personal goals. "The new format was great! It really helped me realize what my true goals are – both on a personal and business level. I'm planning ahead and setting myself up for success." – Greg Marks, Owner of IdentiBrands, Powered by Proforma in Phoenix, AZ and Million Dollar Club Member "The new and improved format of the Planning Retreat has been fantastic. As always, attending these Meetings provides me with the change I need to start my year off fresh and on the right foot. It's always great to hear from other Owner's successes and how they can translate to my business." – Andy Fornaro, Co-Owner of Proforma R & E Graphics in Annadale, NJ and Million Dollar Club Member "Attending the Planning Retreat this year was a fresh change from the same old, same old, and a benefit to myself and my new Sales Rep. It allowed us to focus more time on important key items that will help us to plan, focus, implement and achieve even greater success in 2016." – Terri Tolmack, Owner of Proforma Hi-Rez in Mission Viejo, CA and Team 500 Member

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