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2 6 16 20 32 36 40 46 AS I SEE IT The Power of Root Cause Pre-Failure Analysis While oil analysis can't fix a failed machine, it can provide pre-failure alerts, both cautionar y and critical. If a root cause is detected, such as the wrong oil, dirty oil or wet oil, these conditions can then be remediated quickly. FROM THE FIELD Making the Transition to Proactive Maintenance Changing from reactive to proactive maintenance requires a different way of thinking, executing and managing. When designed, implemented and managed effectively, proactive maintenance results in optimal asset reliability at optimal cost. OIL ANALYSIS How to Interpret Oil Analysis Reports The ability to understand your oil analysis results is crucial for guiding decisions about preventive maintenance activities. This skill can be developed easily with minimal investment in training and cer tif ication. HYDRAULICS Understanding and Troubleshooting Hydrostatic Systems Hydrostatic drives are used in a variety of applications throughout all types of industries. Sometimes referred to as hydrostatic trans- missions, they are some of the least understood systems because a number of components are located on or inside the pump assembly. More 30 PRODUCT SUPERMARKET 33 BOOKSTORE 44 ASK THE EXPERTS Editorial Features 28 GET TO KNOW 34 NOW ON MACHINERYLUBRICATION.COM Departments 26 PRODUCT NEWS 35 TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE LUBE-TIPS Our readers offer advice on a host of lubrication-related issues, including tips on lubricating rolling-element bearings, installing oil sampling ports, upgrading your breathers, using oils at high temperatures and visually inspecting your oil. IN THE TRENCHES Best Ways to Combat Oil Gelation As oil breaks down, there are a variety of issues that can arise, including gelation. By understanding what causes gelation and which oils are most prone to this process, you can prevent it and ensure your equipment will run as efficiently as possible. TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION The Benefits of Professional Certification Seeking professional certification is a common practice for people in all types of industries worldwide, and for good reason. Certifi- cation signifies an individual's expertise and training to employers, peers and clients, and also helps industries as a whole define and maintain standards. BACK PAGE BASICS What You Should Know About Lubricant Toxicity Not all lubricants are safe to handle without the proper precau- tions. Knowing what your lubricants are made of and how they can affect you is critical. Discover which lubricants and additives could potentially impact your health, tips for using these lubri- cants in your plant and how you can protect yourself. March-April 2016 Contents 10 COVER STORY Proven Methods for Determining the Cause of Machine Failures Determining the exact cause of a machine failure can be difficult. The three examples discussed in this article should provide a better idea of how to analyze similar types of equipment failures in your facility.

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