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Machinery Lubrication March April 2016

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ANTI-SEIZE LUBRICANTS Henkel's new anti-seize lubricants feature a brush-top applicator to enable precise one-hand dispensing. The 7-ounce tube is currently available on four Loc- tite formulations: copper-based, silver grade, heavy duty and marine grade. Designed for use in severe industrial environments, the anti-seize compounds protect metal parts from rust, corrosion, galling and seizing. The lubricants can also ease assembly and disassembly of slip-fit and threaded joints, reduce friction and wear on critical operating equipment, and protect against high temperatures, heavy loads, chemicals and fluids. Henkel 800-562-8483 OIL SAMPLING SYSTEM The new Multiwave PRO system from Anton Paar provides a new method for preparing lubricants and petroleum products for metals analysis in less than 90 minutes. The system per forms microwave-assisted, closed-ves- sel digestion under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions according to the newly released ASTM D7876 standard. Oil samples are decomposed with concentrated acids in closed-pressure vessels, resulting in a clear, aqueous solution with low residual carbon content. To ensure safe operation, the system utilizes wireless pressure and tem- perature sensors, which also make the proce- dure highly reproducible. Anton Paar 804-550-1051 FLOW METERS The new variable-area vane and piston-style flow meters from Universal Flow Monitors are optimized for specific lubricants and designed to perform in challenging lubrication environments. They feature a new protocol transmitter that can provide rate, total and two adjustable set points. Available in 12 sizes and up to 2,000 pounds per square inch of pressure for flow ranging up to 500 gallons per minute, the meters mount in-line and in any orientation, with no straight pipe runs required. Universal Flow Monitors 248-542-9635 ELECTRIC MOTOR GREASE CRC's new Lectra Lube electric motor grease is a premium long-life grease that is recommended for use on sealed-for-life bearings and motors. It is formulated to maintain its consistency under severe working conditions and resist oxidation. The poly- urea-thickened grease incorporates an additive package that enables it to be used in severe, heavy and shock load conditions as well as in extreme-pressure applications. Lectra Lube can also be used at elevated temperatures while maintaining its struc- ture and provides good oxidation and rust protection over an extended period of time. CRC Industries 800-272-4620 | March - April 2016 | 27

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