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NOW ON MACHINERYLUBRICATION.COM Best Ways to Reduce Gearbox Oil Leakage When it comes to oil leakage, the only real solution is to take down the machine and repair it in order to stop the leak. However, there are some simple patches that can help until a gearbox can be taken out of service and properly repaired. Check out this article on the ML site to see what the best options are. Controlling Contaminant Ingression with Labyrinth Seals There are a variety of options for keeping contaminants out of machines, but one that should not be overlooked is the type of seal being used. Seals not only can keep contaminant ingression in check, but they can also prevent lubricant from leaking out of the machine. Access this 1-minute, 36-second video to learn the different types of seals and which ones are the most effective. The Advantages of Using Lubri- cation Management Software Lubrication management sof tware can increase employee productivity, store lubrication-related activities for reference and cut costs associated with downtime due to equipment failure. Discover how this type of sof tware can also enable several tasks to be performed concurrently and consecutively by reading this article on the ML site. How to Calculate Grease Quantity Before greasing a bearing, there are several things you need to know, such as how much grease to put into the bearing and the output volume of the grease gun. Access this 1-minute, 18-second video to find out how to avoid overgreasing by properly calculating the volume of your bearings as well as the average quantity for each pump of your grease gun. Why an Oil's Flash Point Drops The f lash point is the lowest tempera- ture at which an ignition source causes the vapors of the lubricant to ignite under specif ied conditions. A f lash point that drops suddenly could poten- tially cause an explosive situation. Any source of ignition could spark a reac- tion. Read this ar ticle on the ML site to understand how you can help prevent this from happening. is the place to turn for white papers on a host of lubrication-related topics. Here's a sampling of the latest white papers that are currently available for download: • How to Successfully Launch a PdM Program • Find Condenser Tube Leaks with Ultrasound • Your Number One Lube Oil Problem – Moisture • LNF Particle Count – How Low Can You Go? • Filter Cart Best Practices Check out the full list of white papers by visiting www.Machinery- and clicking on the "White Papers" link. of lubrication professionals say external dust and dirt are the solid contaminants most often found in their plant's oil systems, based on a recent poll at Machinery FEATURED WHITE PAPERS FIND MORE GREAT ARTICLES AND CONTENT FROM Machinery Lubrication magazine online. From Web exclusives and industry news to videos, white papers, buyer's guides and more, everything that relates to machinery lubrication is available now on 50 % 34 | March - April 2016 |

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