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54 SMOKESHOP February 2016 UPDATE >>> CHEW, SNUS & E-SMOKES Smokeless Liquid Soul Vapor in National Roll-out from EAS E-Alternative Solutions (EAS), a sister company of Jacksonville, Florida-based Swisher International, has announced the national launch of its first major e-liquid line, Liquid Soul Vapor, following the conclusion of focused direct-to-consumer test markets, product testing, and fine-tuning based on consumer feedback. The lengthy development process was undertaken to ensure both a quality and safe consumer experience. The line is scheduled to ship to high volume vapor locations nationwide starting in March. Liquid Soul Vapor is a premium, American-made liquid vapor brand developed with HydraVape Technology, a proprietary process that minimizes "vape tongue" while providing a liquid formula that can vaporize at all standard temperatures. The new line gives consumers the ability to choose any device with no discernible difference in the vaping experience. "Whether you're a cigarette smoker looking for an alternative or a die-hard vaper, you should be able to easily find the brand that suits you," says Jacopo D'Alessandris, president of EAS. "But a lot of people who want to vape are confused by, or alienated from vaping by the subculture that's become synonymous with the market. We want Liquid Soul Vapor to be the brand consumers can trust with no reservations, and the brand of choice for all vapor retailers who want to develop a safe and profitable e-liquid business." All Liquid Soul Vapor blends are made with ingredients free of known harmful substances such as diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and acetoin. All packaging is tamper-evident and all bottles are certified child resistant. EAS will provide retail partners with full-service brand support including traditional and digital media programs, adult consumer education and engagement activities, as well as in-store support with customized POP and merchandising systems. In addition, it will bring sophisticated category management practices to its retail partners to help them maximize profit and efficient inventory management. E-Alternative Solutions, Darien, Conn., Toll-free: (866) 440-3644, Web:, Helium E-Liquid Taps POS Chillers for Freshness Helium Hi Definition, slated to launch April 1st, is the first e-liquid to utilize chillers at point-of-sale to maintain optimum flavor. These high quality e-liquids are carefully steeped to develop bold flavors designed to "tantalize the palate," then chilled to "20 degrees below room temperature" the moment they reach their ideal state. VPR Brands says Helium's chillers are scientifically proven to preserve flavor, freshness, and aroma. Helium will debut in five intense flavors—StrawNana Sundae, Piña Gelato, Berry Smooth-e, Orange Creamsicle, and Melon Cool-latta. Helium comes in an attractive, 50ml squeezable bottle with a drip tip providing superior functionality. Helium also offers a personal desktop chiller which fits its 180ml bottle, as well as a unique sample package of air-tight, one-time-use 2ml tubes that includes all five flavors. VPN Brands, LP, El Segundo, Calif., Tel: (800) 307-6627, Web: Quartet, Black Note's Limited Edition Syrian Latakia E-Liquid Black Note is releasing Quartet vapor liquid in limited quantities, featuring naturally extracted authentic Syrian Latakia tobacco. It is the ninth blend in the company's naturally extracted tobacco small batch vaping liquid lineup, the first and only to be backed by an independent U.S.-based lab report certifying the liquids do not contain any laboratory- made, synthetic compounds associated with artificial flavors, sweeteners, chemical additives, colors, or dyes. A one-of-a-kind eight-year-aged lot of dark Syrian Latakia tobacco was used to produce the limited production release. Syrian Latakia is characterized by its intense smoky- peppery taste, created by first sun-curing the tobacco then smoke- curing it over controlled fires of Valonia oak, Aleppo pine, Lebanon cedar, Greek juniper, and indigenous aromatic herbs. Quartet is offered in 30ml glass bottles, suggested retail $39. Quartet joins Black Note's eight regular production blends, which consist of Prelude (Virginia blend), Forte (Burley blend), Cadenza (Basma blend), Bravura (Perique blend), Sonata (Cavendish blend), Adagio (Havana blend), Legato (Kentucky blend), and Solo (Menthol blend). Each is offered in 30ml glass bottles, $29 suggested retail, or as the Notebook Collection featuring all eight blends in 7.5ml bottles, $58 retail. Black Note, Inc., Irvine, Calif., Email:, Web:

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